Romantic Nail Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Now that you have an idea of what to wear to your Valentine’s Day date, it’s time to think about your nails. Yes, your nails. They may not be the biggest part of your whole look nor the most noticeable one but they sure can add a lot of interesting detail when done with a pretty style / design. If you’re looking for cute, fun, whimsical and romantic nail art ideas for Valentine’s Day, read on below and check out the photos we have for inspiration.

  • CANDY HEARTS – show your sweet side by doing your nails up with cute candy hearts design. This is a great design to go for if you’re looking for something cute and colorful. Try doing this nail art design in matte for a truly yummy looking result.

candy heart design on accent nail candy hearts with pink base candy hearts

  • HUGS AND KISSES – be inspired by Gossip Girl and do these cute XOXO nail art designs on your nails. Turn the O’s into hearts, if you like, for a more whimsical look or keep it plain and simple if you don’t want anything too cheesy.

xoxo pink and black with white accent xoxo pink and white xoxo red pink and white

  • LOVE ON THE LINE – want to give your nails the subtlest touch of Valentine’s Day? Well, hearts and kisses may be a bit too much for you but I’m pretty sure you’ll love these cute lifeline / pulse beat nail art designs. You can do these in red and white (or other colors, if you like) to give it a Valentine-y hint and maybe add a tiny heart or two to the design.

lifeline black and white with pink heart lifeline glitter and blakc lifeline red and white

  • MESSAGE IN A (NAIL POLISH) BOTTLE – let your nails convey your message to your special someone on Valentine’s Day by decorating and designing them with adorable “I love you’s”. If you don’t have nail art tools to create gorgeous lettering, you can always use nail decals instead. Make it more interesting by doing an I Love You nail art in a different language. Click here for 100 ways to say I love you.

i love you nails i love you nude base

  • LIPS DON’T LIE – if you’re looking for a simple, easy and fun nail art design to wear on your nails for Valentine’s day, try this cute and whimsical lip nail art. It goes well with the whole Valentine’s Day theme but you can wear it even when it’s not V-day, too.

lips on gray newspaper base lips nail art lips kiss nail art with glitter

  • LOUBOUTIN INSPIRED VALENTINES – ask any girl about her dream shoes and she’ll tell you they’re a pair of Loubs. They’re not the most comfy to walk in but they sure are sleek. Plus, those red bottoms are really fab. If you’re still saving up for that pair, why not give your nails a little treat this Valentine’s Day and do a Louboutin-inspired nail art design? Check out the pictures below for awesome inspo.

louboutin inspired nails louboutin nails