Safe Beauty Products for Pregnant Women’s Use

Keeping up with your beauty routine while pregnant can be difficult. Aside from the feeling of eternal laziness and the feeling of not wanting to look in the mirror because you’re afraid to see how you look like, finding products that are safe for pregnant women’s use is another issue you’d have to deal with. We believe, though, that all women deserve to look and feel beautiful, especially during pregnancy. This is why we’ve rounded up our some of our favorites when it comes to safe beauty products for pregnant women’s use. Check them out below.

  • Mama Mio Omega Body Oil – this one is not only good for you, it would look good on your dresser or your nightstand, too! The Mama Mio Omega Body Oil is a skin care product that comes in a pretty pink bottle packed with goodness made especially for pregnant women. It’s filled with all the good oils such as omega 3, 6 and 9 oils, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil and even argan oil that a pregnant woman needs to keep her skin nourished, elastic, firm and glowing. Just slather it on anytime you feel like your skin needs extra moisturization.

mama mio mama mio oil

  • Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm – this product isn’t just for pregnant women, you can use this even if you’re not pregnant but it is safe for pregnant women’s use. This is a powerful facial cleanser that you can use to remove makeup or to simply free up your skin from dirt and product build up every now and then. It also has anti-ageing benefits so you’re sure to keep your youthful glow despite all the pregnancy stress. The exquisite aroma of the product will also leave you feeling refreshed as if you’ve just come out of the spa.


elemis cleanser

  • Louis Galvin Deep Conditioning Treatment – here’s a product that you can use before, during and after pregnancy. The Louise Galvin Deep Conditioning Treatment is heaven in a bottle for pregnant women’s locks. The hair is one of the trickiest parts to take care of while pregnant. A lot of regular hair products are not recommended for pregnant women’s use because of the harsh chemicals in them that might pose harm to you or the baby but this one is definitely in the clear. It leaves your hair silky soft every time you use it and it also restores your hair’s strength and moisture too.

louise galvin louise galvin deep conditioner

  • Honest Belly Balm – one of the biggest concerns of pregnant women is stretch marks. It’s something that not only affects you while pregnant but forever after. A lot of women get insecure about stretch marks on their bellies. Luckily, the Honest company by superstar mom Jessica Alba has come up with a line of baby and mommy products that involves a belly balm. Just apply the belly balm on your belly, hips and breasts after a shower or bath and all throughout the day to keep your skin moist, supple and toned. What’s even greater is that it’s all organic so it’s undoubtedly safe for you! Thank you, Honest!

honest belly balm honest

  • Knocked Up Nails nail polishes – addicted to painting your nails different colors and designs regularly? People might have already advised you to take a break from your guilty pleasure because of harmful chemicals in nail polishes like toluene and formaldehyde but why stop when you can simply skip all the harmful chemicals by opting for safer polishes? That’s exactly what Knocked Up Nails nail polishes are all about. They’re made with pregnant women in mind. They’re free from DBP, toluene and formaldehyde so they’re safe plus they’re vegan, too! Plus, they have the prettiest shades and their nail polishes are long lasting and chip resistant!

knocked up knocked up nails