Secrets in Using White Eyeliner

It can be used to trace the preferred shape around your eyebrows when shaping them to prevent from over plucking/tweezing.

To do this use the white liner to make a mark where the beginning of your brow should be, where your arch should be, and where your brow should end. Do this on the top and bottom of your brows, then connect the dots so you have an outline of the ideal shape of your brow.  Then only pluck on and outside of that line.

white eyeliner

It can be used in the inner corner of your eyes instead of eye shadow to quickly and simply brighten your eyes and create a more wide eyed look.

You can do this by drawing a sideways ‘V’ on the inner corner of the eye then smudging/blending it. Use white eyeliner on the inside of the eyes as mentioned above especially if you have deep-set eyes, oriental eyes  or just very small eyes. 

how to use eye white eye liner

White eyeliner can be applied on the inner corners of the eyes and then blended.  This gives that “awake” and “pop”  look that makeup artists talk about. White eyeliner is also used on the brow bone and blended.  This helps to accentuate a colour of an eyeshadow.

adele white eye liner

White eyeliner should never be used alone on the lash line.   If you do want a strong white line on your lids, make sure you finish it off with black eyeliner closest to the lashes.    But, then again, this look is more for  photo shoots or runway looks.

It can be used under the brows to highlight your brow bone.  You can do this by swiping it directly underneath the brow then smudging it along the brow bone.

secrets in using white eye liner

Instead of leaving it like that make sure that you use a eyeshadow brush to soften the white eyeliner.  And use this as a base for your eyeshadow. This will make the eyeshadow pop at the base of the lid.

white eye liner tips

Line the inside of your eye.  If you use the white eye liner to line the inside of your eye trust me your eyes will look round and almond shape.   The goal is to open up your eyes…and its obvious that since your eyeballs are

how to line your eyes with white eye liner

Line your lash line with white eyeliner to reshape eyes. It just opens them up as an extension of the eyeballs to the lid. Line your water Line. Now if you don’t know what a  water line is the waterline is inside lash line of your upper eyelid.

how to be beautiful with white eye liner

This isn’t for the faint of heart it’s not the easiest thing to do without practice. However it does open up your eye and further helps to reshape this.

how to use your white eye liner

After you have your eyeshadow on…take white eyeshadow and line the very corner of your eye. What I mean by this is the inner corner of your eyes closest to your nose.  Line the corners of your eyes with white eye liner.

white eye makeup

Line both the top and the bottom and then you want to smooth it out.  So that the line blends into your shadow.

beautiful white eye liner