Sexy Hairstyles for Women

Women would always want to flatter the opposite sex with the way they dress or look. However, men say that what they really find sexy is the hair of a woman more than the clothes and the body. Women’s hair is really their crowning glory so if you want to look sexy effortlessly, here are the top sexy hairstyles that men and women find really appealing:

Sexy hairstyles for women are usually long sexy hairstyles. Long hair is really very appealing because it shows more of the feminine side of women. Hayden Panettiere wears a medium to long hairstyle with vivid blonde and curls. While this hair is very pretty, it is also very sexy.

Another long sexy hairstyle is this side-swept long curly hair by Lady Gaga. Side-swept hair is very flirtatious and very appealing because it reveals your sexy shoulders on the other side.

Men also love simple and effortless hairstyles. This long and sleek hairstyle;e on Sofia Vergara is an epitome of simplicity and sexiness in one. Have a layering long hair for that adventurous look.

Another sexy hairstyle for those who want long hair is this highlighted curly hair. Hair highlights are very attractive so you can opt to have this hair color for a sexy look.

Speaking of sexy and effortless, this laid back hair on Angelina Jolie is really very sexy for casual and formal events. Match the relaxed hair with exuding confidence for that sexier look.

You can also have a layered long hair like Jennifer Lopez’s hair for easy sexy hairstyles for that casual look.

When you divide your hair in partition at the center, it creates a very appealing look on your face. Instead of having your partition on the side, a center partition is best for that sexy hairstyle.

If you want to bare your neck and back, you can also have this relaxed ponytail hairstyle. Pull your hair back in different directions for a natural look instead of having a sleek ponytail.

If you want short sexy hairstyles, this multi-length short hairstyle is very sexy. Short bobs are usually cute, but if you want to make it sexy, be adventurous on the length of the bob.

For formal outfits like a tube dress, a sleek bun is also a sexy hairstyle. The pretty bun actually reveals your fresh face and your sexy neck and shoulders.

Women’s sexy hairstyles are very versatile as well because you can wear them in any event. However, more than your hairstyle, having an overall self confidence will help you achieve a sexier look.