Sexy Side Part Hairstyles

Fixing your hair in the same partition always creates a boring look on your face because people are already used to seeing the same hair style. Wearing side part hairstyles is sometimes what you need to create a refreshed look from the point of view of other people.

Side part hairstyles for women are very sexy and chic so if you are looking for side parted hairstyles, here are some of them:

Avril Lavigne looks very feminine and chic with this side part hairstyle different from her usual punk look. To really tell a difference on your look, part your hair about two inches away from your usual hair partition.

Funky side part hairstyle

For long hair, long side part hairstyles look very sexy and chic. Whether your hitting outdoors or going to a party, this side part hair is really sexy.Laid back side part hair

To achieve this gorgeous look on Penelope Cruz, cut your hair in a layered fashion and side sweep the hair in side partition for a simply gorgeous hairstyle.Layered side parted hair

Side parted hair is also good for fly away tips. After parting your side on the side, blow dry hair for natural fly aways.Long hair side part hair

Side part hairstyles can also be used for a more formal look. Instead of leaving the hair straight and casual, create natural waves on one side for a fully styled hair.Sexy side part hairstyles

Short side part hairstyles look very cute and chic at the same time. Here, Rihanna wears an asymmetrical cut with side partitions. The other side is also shaved for that posh look. If you are adventurous enough, this hairstyle is right for you.Short side part hair

Achieve a natural side part hairstyle such as this one by moving the head sideways to create a natural side partition. This looks best in those with side swept bangs.Short side parted hair

Jessica Alba looks very cute in this short bob with side partition. Make sure the partition is not beyond the outer canthus or corner of the eye to make it more natural.Side parted bun

Ashley Grey are one of those who look very sexy in side part hairstyle. Achieve this look by parting your hair in a semi diagonal fashion.Simple side part hair

This soft side parted hairstyle reveals a school girl chic look. This look is one of women’s secret desires because of the effortless, yet striking pretty look.

Soft side part hairstyle

Side part hairstyles may seem the same, but the manner you part your hair tells the difference.