Short haircuts for women

Short hair is the in thing nowadays, especially short haircuts for women. It complements a lot of facial shapes, making it a chic option for women on-the-go. Not only is it easy to maintain, it can keep you cool during the hot, summer days as well. If you want to have a sleek, short haircut, then here are several ideas for you to choose from:

Very short haircuts for women :

natalie portman very short hairstyle

Short, textured hair. This style is great for women with thick hair, and those with oval, heart, round and triangular face shapes. For this style, you need to have short, thick tresses which you need to pull up to give an illusion of texture and height. For this look you need a hair product which can hold your hair and give it the needed shine. Maintain this style by having trims every 1 and 1 1/2months.

Nape-length  haircuts for women .

Alyssa Milano short hairstyle

This style is ideal for women with round, triangular, oval, and heart-shaped faces and thin to medium hair. This style requires your hair to be cut up to the nape, with jagged hair cut on the sides for a beautiful style. A moisturizer, hair spray, smoothing shine and wax are some of the items you need to create this style.

cute short hair

Short cropped  haircuts.

cropped haircut

If you don’t have much time to style and tousle your hair, then this hairstyle is great for you. With this look the tresses are trimmed uniformly for a low-maintenance look. The short cropped bob works well for women with round, oval, triangular and heart-shaped faces. All you just need is styling wax and 10 minutes of your time to pull this look off.

Bob hairstyles

cute medium bob

Medium Layered  bob haircut  with chopped tips

layered bob


Asymmetrical  haircuts for women.

assymetrical haircut Rihanna

Feeling trendy and youthful? Then this asymmetrical bob is what you need. It’s perfect for women with triangular, oval, round, and heart-shaped faces. In this haircut one side of your hair is cut above the jawline, while at the other side your hair is cut below it. This casual hairstyle needs 20 minutes of your time, and you need to have a moisturizer, hair spray and wax in tow to create this look.

Layered bob with bangs

layered bob with bangs

Blonde , shoulder length bob

blonde shoulder length bob

Short hairstyles with bangs.

short hairstyle with blunt bangs

This style has a tapered cut on the back and the sides, giving your crowning glory great shape and style. It features blunt bangs to draw attention to your face, and a jagged top for maximum height and texture. This cut can be maintained with just wax and hair spray. The tapered look is best for women with round, oval, triangular and heart-shaped faces.