Short hairstyles for thick hair

7  Cute Short hairstyles for thick hair

If you find it hard to manage your thick tresses, then the best thing you could do is to sport a short hairstyle. Not only is it easy to manage, it’s very chic as well. There are many choices out there, and for sure one will fit your style mantra.

Contemplating of what short haircut will fit your look? Here are some ideas to help you out with your hair dilemma.

Stylish spikes.

spiky choppy short hair style

This is perhaps the lowest of all low-maintenance short hairstyles for thick hair. This clean yet funky look is easy to wear. You just need to comb in a teaspoon of styling wax for a tousled look. If you want, you can add highlights for a rad look.

Rihanna-style cut.

rihanna short haircut

Hands down, it was pop star Rihanna who made the structured, asymmetrical bob famous. You too, can have this look by telling your stylist to go super short at the back, and about your chin’s length at the front. For a more fashion-forward look, cap the style with straight bangs. Add unique highlights such as red or pink to the longest part of the bob for a style that’s rock star chic.

Pretty blonde pixie haircut

women-pixie-haircut with side bangs

Preppy boy-cut style.

Ginnifer-Goodwin-short haircut

Ginnifer Goodwin’s preppy short haircut is great for women who don’t like spending a lot of time fixing their short bobs. With this cut you just need to blow dry your tresses a little to add body and volume to your hair. For a super sleek look, you can apply gel on your hair and comb it all the way back.

Layered bob.

layered bob for thick hair

You can still have your favorite layers with a layered bob. With this look you can add different textures to your hair. If you want a stylish look, you can ask your stylist to add highlights to your coif.

Cute and curly.

short curly hairstyle for thick hair

If you have thick, curly hair, you can have your hair trimmed without looking like a clown. You do need to remember to style it before you go to work or school though. A spritz of hairnet, or some styling wax can keep your curly coifs under control.

Shaggy and sleek.

shaggy bob hairstyle

A shaggy hairstyle is the best for women who want their hair to join them in their movements. What’s great about this look is that it can help you look like you have thinner tresses than usual. Again, for more spunk, you can add highlights to your locks.