Should You Go for Caramel Color Hair

Caramel hair looks extremely lavish and beautiful, especially when done the right way. Just the name of this color itself is already enticingly sweet. If you want to give your dark locks a brand new look and  would like to try a color that’s perfect and is not too light nor too dark, then caramel hair color could be on your list of colors to try and consider. However, this delicious sounding hair color is not for everyone. There are certain factors that you should consider before you go for caramel color hair.

beachy caramel waves

short caramel

The ideal candidate for caramel color hair would be women who have brown or hazel eyes. The color of caramel brings out these natural eye colors and it complements them very well. However, there are also some women who have blue eyes who are still able to rock the caramel hair color. That would be those who have their natural hair color about only a shade or two away from caramel. Bottom line: natural brunettes can pull off the caramel hair color better than anyone.

shiny caramel hair

luscious caramel color hair

If you have darker hair though, like red or black, there’s still a chance for you to sport the caramel hair color. However, extra effort may be needed. To achieve the right caramel color on dark hair, some of the color may have to be lifted which means that there may be bleaching that needs to be done.

long and straight caramel hair

emma watson caramel hair

Caramel hair color also tends to look best on women with slightly darker skin tones like olive or tan. Some of the celebrities with these skin tones who sport the caramel hair color gorgeously are Jessica Alba and the Queen B, Beyonce Knowles. The look of lush caramel hair on these skin tones are simply gorgeous and perfect for summer when the sun-kissed look is all the rage. Of course, caramel hair can also look great on paler skin, but it may tend to come off looking more blonde than caramel.

cool caramel

caramel hiar on jlo

If you’re still not sure whether or not you would look stylish in caramel hair color, you can always have a glimpse of what it would look like on you by having caramel highlights on your hair. If you are going to rely on this idea to seal the deal for you, it’s best that you have it done by an expert so that you’re sure that it’s done right.

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