Should You Join the Eggplant Hair Trend?

Eggplant hair is one of the latest trends that have been spotted on a lot of the young fashionistas. Basically, eggplant hair is just hair colored in a rich, deep purple color that resembles an eggplant, thus the name. This trend is very fun and fashion forward. If you’re contemplating on joining the eggplant hair bandwagon, perhaps you’ll find some helpful stuff in this blog that can help you decide.

Go for eggplant hair if:

  • You’re bold enough – coloring your hair in a color that reminds you (and other people, too) of a certain plant or vegetable is a long term commitment that you need to really put your heart into. Not everyone is brave and bold enough to color their hair something far from their natural color but if you think you can pull this look off with confidence, then heck yes! Go for eggplant hair!

cool eggplant hair cute eggplant hair

  • You can keep up with the maintenance – unnatural hair colors, including deep purple, wash out very quickly which means that if you’re going to dye your hair the eggplant hair color, you will have to do it every so often. Hairstylists recommend touching up on your hair color every two weeks if you want the color to look as vibrant as it did the first time. This means it can be costly but if you’re up to it then go ahead.

dark eggplant hair

eggplant hair

  • You want a really drastic change in your look – some people like to make gradual changes in their looks and others like to do it big. If you’re one of the latter and you’re looking for a way to really change up the way your hair is, then you should definitely go for eggplant hair.

emo eggplant hair katy perry eggplant hair

Do not go for eggplant hair if:

  • You have already severely damaged hair – if you’ve been coloring your hair a lot and if you’ve been getting a lot of stuff done to your hair with the addition of chemicals and heat, then you might already have weak and brittle hair. Most purple hair dyes are very strong and can make the hair go thin so it wouldn’t be a good idea to do it on unhealthy hair.

long eggplant hair messy eggplant hair

  • You know you will regret it after – the key to looking good in eggplant hair is having the confidence to rock it so if you aren’t a hundred percent sure about coloring your hair deep purple then you probably shouldn’t because you’ll only regret it afterwards and you’ll only find it awkward when people shoot you weird looks.

 pretty eggplant hair beautiful eggplant hair