Simple but Sexy Fall Makeup Looks

Natural is beautiful but make up is glam. This is so true. Women are naturally pretty and beautiful and do not need too much product on regular, casual days but for those days when you want to look a little bit more glamorous and fabulous, make up should do the trick for you. Some women need to wear makeup everyday to look more polished for work while some simply use makeup on a regular basis to conceal flaws or highlight their best features. Makeup can also be a confidence booster for some girls. This fall, don’t let fall makeup look trends just pass you by. Read on and discover the best fall makeup looks for you.

  • Cat eyes – cat eyes are always dominant on runways. This fierce eye makeup is perfect this fall if you want to achieve a strong and sexy look. Cat eyes are a statement in and of themselves so a bare cat eye (cat eye eyeliner makeup and no eye shadows) is sufficient enough if you want to keep it simple for everyday but of course, dark smoky eye shadows are also welcome if you want to wear this for a night eyedoll cat eye
  • Plum eyes – fall is all about warm colors and this year, plum is the hottest eye makeup color. Plum eye makeup is perfect for either day or night, depending on the kind of eye shadow you use and the other colors you combine it with. Matte shadows with lighter colors like white or gold make for the perfect daytime plum eyes while glittery plum shadows and darker colors like bronze or black are the ideal ‘night out’ look.daytime plum eyes
    dark plum eyes
  • Bare face, red lips – this look went all over the runways in various fall fashion shows. A bare face with bright red lips is perfect for fall in daytime. You can wear this look with a casual outfit but it’s also a great option if you’re wearing a bold outfit because the simplicity of the look will not clash or compete with your outfit.perfectly bare face and red lipsbright red lips  and bare   face
  • Big, bold brows – although the exaggeration of brows on the runway seems unreal and unwearable, a little tweak  and taming down on this fall makeup trend can make you look really gorgeous. You don’t need to actually grow your brows out to achieve this look, all you need is a good brow powder closest to the color of your brows, some brow gel and lots of time experimenting to discover the perfect brow size for you. Use more brow powder than you normally would to make your brows look darker and extend the brow powder outside your natural brows to make them bigger.bold dark browsdark bold brows