Spring 2014’s Hottest Beauty and Hair Trends

New season, new trends – that’s just how the beauty and fashion industry is. Though there are trends that stay for a really long time (some even become staples), keeping up with the new ones can be really tricky. You’ll also notice that some previous trends from the past are making a comeback – some plain while others with a twist. With trends, you never really know. One day it’s hot and the next day it’s not. In case you’re wondering about spring 2014’s hottest beauty and hair trends, you’re in luck! We’ve just made a list of the biggest trends that you can expect and follow for the season so read on.

  • Low ponytail – the ponytail has been a hairstyle classic for so many years now and I think what makes it to the top of our favorite hairstyle list all the time is the fact that there are so many ways you can wear it. For the past few seasons, it’s been all about creating the highest ponytails with the most avant garde twists. This spring, though, it’s time to go low. Low ponytails are one of the biggest trends for hair this season and there’s no better way to wear one than in a simple and relaxed look that’s perfect for the laidback fashion trends of spring.

low ponytail low

  • Blue on the eyes – if you were keen enough to notice, you would have seen how models from spring 2014 fashion week were dolled up with pops of blue on their eyes. Blue eye liner, blue mascara, blue eye shadow – you name it, they wore it. Sweep a bright blue shadow all over your lids for a cheeky eye makeup statement. If you want something more subtle, try doing a blue cat eye or pump up your lashes with a coat or two of blue mascara.


blue eyesd

  • Pin straight hair – romantic waves and curls were everywhere last season but for spring, we’re going straight. Pin straight hair that hangs loosely on your face and over your shoulders is the ultimate lazy day look for spring. You don’t even have to worry about volumizing your hair, limp-looking locks are super on trend this year.

straight straight hair

  • Oozing with orange – bright orange is the lip color of the season for this year as seen on the runway from various beauty and fashion powerhouses. What’s great about an orange lip is that, just like red, anyone can pull it off so you don’t have to worry about not looking good with it on your lips. Anytime you feel like you need to add something cheery to your look, swipe that orange lipstick on your lips and let the brightness ooze.

orange lips orange

  • Pastel lids – to my fellow lazy makeup junkies, I have some great news! This season, you don’t have to worry about blending shadows perfectly on your lids anymore because pastel lids are what’s hot right now. Just sweep your favorite pastel eye shadow on and you’re ready to go! No more choosing which shadow color to use with what and no more worrying whether they look equally blended.  What’s more is that this look is totally wearable for everyday looks! I sense a favorite go-to look coming on!

pastel lids pastel