Strobing: How To Do This Fabulous Makeup Trend Now

For some time now, contouring has become the most popular makeup trend. The moment Kim Kardashian introduced this wonderful makeup technique that could give you a sexy sculpted face, it has become an international sensation. However just recently, a new beauty trend is fast emerging, overthrowing Kim’s contouring out of the throne and the whole world, or the fashionable ladies out there particularly, are getting obsessed with it. Strobing.

Celebrity makeup artist, Sir John, says that while the term “strobing” is new, the technique itself has been around for quite a long time. Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has been using this beauty technique since the 90s.

strobing Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo has been using this makeup technique even before it was called “strobing”.

But what is strobing, really? Well, believe it or not, strobing is basically just highlighting. In comparison to contouring’s goal of feature-defining using bronzers and blending, strobing defines a person’s facial features by light.

contouring Kendall Jenner

Here is an obvious comparison between contouring and strobing as seen in Kendall Jenner’s two different red carpet looks.

strobing Kendall Jenner

Using reflective products applied on the high planes and points on your face, the makeup technique lets out one’s facial radiance by catching light on areas that are spotlit. The result? A soft dewy face that looks refreshing and youthful. Alex Box calls it “a much more forgiving way to bring focus and shape to the face.”

Now that you know what strobing is, you might start to ask, “So how to do strobing, then?” If you are asking this then great, read on because I’ll be giving you 5 easy steps to achieve the dewy fresh-faced look that strobing could give you. Here’ s how you do strobing, the new makeup trend you’d want to learn–stat.

1. Moisturize your skin

moisturize skin

Since strobing is all about defining your features with light you want a smooth and natural glow coming from you skin. Replenish the dull and dry look and prep your skin by applying some moisturizer first. I highly recommend a hydrating moisturizer but for those with oily skin, look for one that is oil-free and possibly non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic to avoid breakouts.

2. Start with the basics

After letting your skin absorb your moisturizer, start out the makeup technique with the basics. Whether it’s putting primer or foundation or concealer or two of these or all three, you can go ahead and begin just like you usually do. Just stop the moment you will be putting powder. Because instead of powder, you’ll be using highlighter.

3. Choose the right highlighter for you

Highlighter is the fundamental makeup product for strobing. And you can’t just go ahead and pick the first highlighter in sight. You want a clever definition of your face not something sloppy-looking. Choosing the right highlighter for you depends on what skin tone you have. Here are some brief tips to hold onto:

For pale skin tone – If your skin tone is pale like Amanda Seyfried’s, go for a highlighter with a pearly hue.

strobing for pale skin Amanda Seyfried

For fair skin tone – If your skin tone is fair like Scarlett Johansson’s, go for a highlighter that is champagne-colored.

strobing for fair skin Scarlett Johansson

For medium skin tone – If your skin tone is medium like Mila Kunis’s, then you’re in luck because you’ve got a wide range of colors to choose from. I highly recommend pale pink.

strobing for medium skin Mila Kunis

For dark skin tone – If your skin tone is dark like Kerry Washington,  you might want to stay away from lighter shades. Instead, opt for a peachy one.

strobing for dark skin Kerry Washington

For deep skin tone – If your skin tone is deep like Lupita Nyongo’s, gold is the ideal one for you. The richer your skin tone is, the more gold the highlighter you could wear.

strobing for deep skin Lupita Nyong'o

4. Highlight the important points

You want to apply your highlighter on the most ideal places–the high planes and points on your face that will most likely hit light. The image below will help you out in mapping out where on your fac you need to highlight. There’s the T-Zone, the center of your forehead, underneath the edge of your brow, inner corners of your eyes, the tip of your nose, the upper part of your cheekbones, and your Cupid’s bow. You might also want to add out on your chin and the hollow of your cheeks right by your jawline.

strobing cheat sheet

5. Blend it well

blend highlighter

Lastly, blend your highlighter well with either your fingers, a brush, or a makeup sponge. You don’t want to work out too much in this step because you might end up fading the highlighter.