Style Your Hair with the Different Types of Braids

When you want to have a different hairstyle, you can try the different types of braids. Braiding skills have been passed on from generations to generations. However, most women are only aware of the simplest braids – the French and the standard braid. There are types of braid styles you can choose from, starting from the simplest to the most intricate types of braids. Here are photos of the various types of braids with pictures.

Standard Braid

This is the simplest, most common and the easiest braiding technique. It is also known as the English braid.

Standard Braid Red Hair


Angled French Braid

The second most popular braid, instead of starting from the nape, this type of braid usually starts from the top of the head.

Angled French Braid Simple


Fishtail Braid

This is also known as the “herringbone braid”. The important technique when it comes to this braid is the small and even sections of hair braided the same way as the standard braid.

Gorgeous Hair Fishtail Braid


Swiss Braid

A Swiss braid cannot be done if the hair is not long. Bobby pins are used to pin these braids in place.

Swiss Braid Gorgeous Hairstyle


Bohemian Braid

This braid uses only a small amount of hair. It can be easily done alone.

Bohemian Braid Jessica Alba


Rope Braid

Two groups of hair strands is twisted together to make the rope braid.

Selena Gomez Rope Braid


Milkmaid Braid

The same as the Bohemian braid, the milkmaid braid can be done only with long hair. This is one of the different types of braids that you can do to remedy a bad hair day.

Milkmaid Braid Pretty Hair


Side Braid

When doing a side braid, you can either start from the top or immediately at the side. Of the different types of braids for hair, this is one of the many which you can either have as sleek or messy. The technique is the same as doing the standard braid.

Side Braid Simple Hairstyle


Two Side Braid

This technique may look too “schoolgirl-like” for some. But it depends on how you do the braid. The parting of the hair also matters.

Two Side Braid Haistyle


Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is one of the most elegant and beautiful styles of the different styles of braids.

Waterfall Braid Pretty Hair


Braiding your hair is one of the techniques you can do to change your hairstyle every now and then. There are braiding techniques which you can do by yourself, while there are ones where you would need the help of a friend or a hairdresser. The different types of braids mentioned will certainly be an interesting change from the common hairstyles that you have every day.