Stylish Straight Hairstyles

There are many simple straight hair styles for women that look amazing and take next to no effort to maintain. Having a few long layers cut in the front is a great way to add some depth to your look, and you can blow dry out for a sleeker look or run some texturizing balm through your hair in order to prevent frizz.

Some women prefer to go with a short cut and long wispy bangs in the front, which makes hair look fuller and more glam.

straight hairstyle

The bouncy blowout is one of the more popular straight hair styles for women and all you need to do is apply a dime sized amount of a shine serum, then blast your locks with cool air from the hair dryer.

bouncy blowout straight hair

Blunt bobs are among the best straight hair styles for women, as seen on actresses like Mena Suvari. Have your stylist chop your ends in a blunt style and add bangs for extra texture.

blunt bob

Other women like to play with volume by tousling the mid section of hair by teasing with a comb and hair spray, then pinning back to create a lifted midsection to their hair.

half ponytail

You can also have long and thick bangs cut straight across your face to add a bit of mystique to your look, then run the straightener through your hair for a runway inspired look. In order to get the perfect straight hair look, you will want to use the best products.

straight hair with bangs

Straight hair is usually easier to style and manage. It can be easily handled and easily combed through. There are many different cuts that can be done on straight hair.

straight hairstyles to try

Shorter cuts took great on straight hair, since the hair lays flat on the head and can be layered in many different patterns. Short “pixie cuts” bring out the features on the face, and add a boyish charm to your look without looking too tomboy-ish.

audrey hepburn pixie cut

You can still retain your femininity with a shorter hair cut if done properly. Quite a few celebrities have chosen to wear their hair shorter, and the trend is definitely spreading. Straight hair bobs are also a style that has always been in style.

ashley greene hair bob

Edgy asymmetrical bobs are also gaining popularity nowadays among celebrities and subsequently among younger people. It is even becoming more common to go for a more drastic look by making one side much shorter than the other.

asymmetrical bobs

Bangs are always the way to go when looking for a way to frame the face. Bangs can be feathered, cut straight across, cut asymmetrically, or cut in a variety of different ways. Long straight hair is a classic option as well.

long straight hair

The hair can be worn down, tied into a sleek ponytail, or drawn into a classy bun. It is also easy to experiment with different colors with straighter hair. Straight hair can be maintained with color much easier, and can be dyed many times. Try layering the colors or blending colors for different effects, or adding highlights to give the hair a moderate touch of color.

straight hair ideas