Stylish Ways to Wear Red

Red is a color that evokes a fierce, bold and sexy vibe. Red is always a great ‘pick-me-up’ color. It’s one of those colors that you can wear whenever you feel like adding a bit more of’oomph’ to your look. Not all women like wearing red, though, because they aren’t sure of how to go about using this gorgeous color to their advantage. Wearing red starts with figuring out which shades of red work for you and which one give off an unflattering effect. Once you’ve figured these out, you’re ready to experiment with it in your outfit, your makeup or your overall look. Below are some stylish ways to wear red; read on and discover how you can work this color into your style with confidence and ease.

  • Ditch the LBD with a LRD – your little black dress may be the most flattering piece of clothing you own in your closet that you can wear anytime you don’t have the luxury of time to put together an outfit for certain events and occasions but even that can look dated if you keep wearing it every time. Next time you need something quick and fabulous to wear, give your LBD a break and go for a little red dress instead. A red dress gives you a fresh new look while keeping the sophistication and elegance that you get from wearing the classic black dress. Try to pick out a red dress that’s not too sexy, racy or revealing as the color already oozes with sex appeal.

dress dress red

  • Go for printed red pieces – red can be an overwhelming and intimidating color to wear all on its own, especially for those who are working their way with it for the first time. if you feel like you can’t pull off wearing a solid, plain red piece of clothing item, you can always start by wearing it with prints. Get printed pieces that use red as the backdrop or the dominant color to get a feel of how the color would look like on you. A red graphic top, a pair of Aztec leggings with red as the dominant color, a printed red shawl – these are all great ways to start incorporating red into your wardrobe.


printed red

  • Freshen up your look with a swipe of red lipstick – sometimes, all you really need to look fresh and revitalized again after a long day is a swipe of red lipstick. Finding the perfect red lipstick can be quite a challenge as some can make your teeth look yellowish while others will go against your skin tone. Ask for the help of in-store makeup specialists to find the perfect shade of red lipstick for you.

lipstick red lipstick

  • Use red to add a splash of color to a dark outfit – so we all know how dark hues like black and gray still manage to dominate the winter fashion scene but we also know how boring an all black or all gray outfit can be. One great way to add glam to any dark monochromatic outfit is to use accessories that can add a splash of color to it and red is the perfect color to brighten up a dark ensemble. Try wearing a red scarf around your neck or carrying a red tote. A generous whip of color can really make a difference in a monochromatic outfit.

dark with red dark

  • Make a statement with it – when you’re goal in dressing up is to make a statement and stand out, wearing something in bright red is the way to go. A bright crimson statement coat will easily grab anyone’s attention as you pass by while a pair of sexy red killer heels are sure to make everyone follow your every step.

statement statement red