Surprising Green Lipstick for your Lips

Blue? Purple? Yellow? Orange? These are very extraordinary lip colors, but you haven’t seen more surprising colors yet because green is probably the most extraordinary color that you can have. Green is somehow linked to the environment, but lipsticks can also come in green. While green is really very contrasting to your lip color, wearing them is still possible, but make sure you are prepared for some eyes that would stare at you if you have green lipstick on an ordinary day.

Well, it’s a nice thing to know that women can use extraordinary colors such as green so here are some of them who dare to wear the color on their lips and pick the shade that would match your senses:

Bright green lipsticks such as this apple green shade are very fancy and you can always use them for special parties that require you to be extraordinary. But if you are confident enough to use it during regular days, then why not?

Green Lipstick

Lime green lipstick is loud and flashy. Using it with green eyeliner with yellow and green eye makeup will surely make you a head turner.

Lime Green Lipstick

Green lipsticks are also very unique. Some come in green colors that would turn colors depending on your mood. This green mood lipstick will change into red when your mood changes during the day.

Green Lipstick

You can also use this neon green lipstick for that glow in the dark effect.

Neon Green Lips

Dark green lipstick such as this moss green shade used by Amber Rose is also nice to wear with melodramatic makeup.

Amber Rose Moss Green Lipstick

Dreamed of being a mermaid? Then turn your lips into aquamarine by using this blue-green lipstick with shimmer for that brilliantly colored lips.

Blue Green Lipstick

Lighter shades of green such as this one is more suitable for casual outfits and regular days. To make your green lipstick blend with your look, you can use a black shirt with green prints such as this one.

Metallic Green Lipstick

Dark or fair skinned, you can use dark green lipsticks. For darker toned women, neon colors stand out more. If you desire a flamboyant and  expressive look, then use a neon green lip color with your tan skin.

Neon Green Lipstick

Wearing green lipsticks has never been so perfect with this glossy dark green lipstick. This look proves that green lipsticks are not just for experimenting on your look, but it can also reveal a classy and elegant style.

Dark green lipstick

For younger women who desire a playful and bubbly look, this mint green lipstick is perfect.

Pastel Green Lipstick

Green lipsticks may seem not appropriate on the lips, but looking at these shades, you can actually wear the color on your lips.