8 Cute and Feminine Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are a great way to express yourself. Some people also use tattoos to honor the memory of someone they love or to show a special person just how loved they are. Men used to have all the fun when it came to tattoos but the modern times have changed the ideal. Nowadays, women are also getting inked, whether it’s for fun or for self expression. A lot of people have the wrong notion that all tattoos on women look trashy, skanky and awful but it really depends on what you get done and where you have it done. Below you’ll find cute and feminine tattoo ideas that are very expressive yet classy.

  • Butterflies – butterflies are often used as the female counterpart of eagles to represent soaring and flying or reaching for your dreams. It can also represent beauty and majesty taking from the butterfly’s humble journey from a cocoon to a beautiful, vibrant, colorful creature.

white tattoo butterfly

  • Flowers – flowers are perhaps one of the things that only women can attempt to have etched on their skin. Flowers are the ultimate symbol of femininity and beauty. You can choose to have a whole bunch or just a single picture of your favorite flower inked on your preferred spot and you can never go wrong with that.

flower foot tattoo

  • Cherry blossoms – though technically also classified as flowers, the cherry blossoms or ‘sakura’ have a special following amongst females who are looking for more symbolic and poetic icons.  Cherry blossoms look dainty and delicate and are perfect when inked either as individual blossoms or the whole vine / branch.

flower foot tattoo

  • Feather – single feather tattoos are becoming increasingly popular for feminine tattoos these days. Feathers can symbolize peace and serenity (dove) but also death (crow) so if you’re getting one, it’s important to be specific.

feather tattoo

  • Zodiac sign – what could be more personal than a tattoo that says a lot about you? Zodiac signs are interesting symbols and are also very personal.

zodiac tattoo

  • Dream catchers – dream catchers are very intricate and ornate looking tattoos that can mean a lot. They are believed to catch good dreams and direct them towards you and trap bad ones so they don’t reach you. This design is not only popular among women but also men, especially among Native Americans.

zodiac tattoo

  • Hearts – another one of the most popular designs for girls and guys alike, hearts can be anywhere from simple to really elaborate and sometimes even ablaze.


  • A word, phrase, or quote to live by – this is also becoming increasingly popular. Simple words like ‘dream’ or ‘love’ or quotes in fancy fonts are great ink ideas you can have done.

quote tattoo

tattoo quote

Whatever tattoo you choose to get, make sure you get it from someone who knows his stuff. Cheap tattoos can save you loads but there’s no guarantee you’ll get what you want and not regret it.