Belly Button Piercing Info

A belly button piercing, also known as a navel piercing has a history which can be traced back to the early Egyptians. Piercings where perceived as signs of courage and manliness, but now this style has become a fashion fad wanted by many.

Claim to fame

The belly button piercing first gained footing in the 1990’s, when model Christie Turlington sashayed the catwalk with a bling-bling on her navel. The release of the music video “Cryin’” further boosted the fame of this piercing as it showcased an innocent Alicia Silverstone asking artist Paul King to have her belly pierced.

belly button piercing

The process of Piercing

Today, most belly button piercings are placed on the upper ridge of the navel. Some have it on the lower ridge, while some place it on the right or left sides of the belly button.

Although the presence of belly button piercing in the mass media has increased the hype with people wanting to get their navels pierced, professional artists recommend that those who should get this piercing must be over 16 years of age. This is because the bodies of minors grow rapidly, and the placing of the piercing might change over time.

Pretty belly button piercings with dangling rings

belly button piercings

How to avoid belly button infection

To avoid infection, you need to use belly rings which are made of 14K gold, silver, titanium, niobium, or surgical steel. Refrain from wearing gold or silver-plated belly rings because they might irritate your piercing.

To hasten the healing, you need to wash the site twice a day. You also need to wash your hands before you touch your piercing. Avoid wearing tight tops as this can result in slower healing time, and even infection. Refrain from dipping in pools and hot tubs for the meantime as their waters can be ridden with bacteria and other infectious organism. While you are healing your navel, you need to lie on your back in order to prevent other complications.

Belly button   jewelry- silver feather

belly button  silver feather jewelry

Double belly button piercing

double belly button piercing

Belly bling

The belly jewelry recommended for first-timers is a curved barbell (also known as a bananabar or a bananabell.) Artists recommend their customers to wear this jewelry until the piercing has completely healed.

So cute , dangling belly button  ring !

belly button ring piercing

Once the healing process is done, one can replace the traditional barbell with other jewelries, such as a twister barbell, which has decorative balls on the end. Another is a captive bead ring, causes pressure to the piercing.   Other novelty belly blings include banana balls with pendants, logo balls, and even glow in the dark balls.