Black and Grey Tattoos Designs for Women

When it comes to tattoos, the most basic are the black and grey tattoos. The colors may be plain, but the black and grey tattoo designs don’t have to be. There are women who would prefer their tattoos to be less colorful than the usual. Whether the tattoos are permanent or temporary, it is important to choose the one design you are comfortable with. First timers, more often than not, also choose black & grey tattoo. There are a lot of feminine designs for black and grey tattoos, and here are some of it.

Having a black & grey tattoo such as a rosary is a good thing, since the design never grows old. It can also be a symbol of religiosity.

Back Rosary Tattoo Women


A black and grey flower tattoo does not have to look boring and plain. Here is one design that women will surely love.

Black Grey Belly Tattoo


You can get the services of black and grey tattoo artists in a lot of tattoo salons. One thing that is great about these artists is they can make beautiful art out of those two colors alone.

Black Tattoo for Women


Women may also prefer having black and grey angel tattoos. In some cases, ladies would like to have angel’s wings tattooed on their body such as the one on the photo.

Grey Tattoo For Women


Megan Fox has a Shakespeare quote tattooed on her back which says “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies”. Quotes are one of the favorites of women when it comes to tattoo designs.

Megan Fox Back Tattoo


There are also some who would prefer having portraits tattooed on their body. It may be an image of a loved one, or in some cases, images of idolized celebrities.

Portrait Grey Black Tattoo


Though not totally visible, a black lotus tattoo is an excellent choice for a tattoo design. There are also other flower designs that would be perfect for women.

Pretty Black Grey Tattoo


For women having their tattoo for the first time, it is advisable to start with a small and simple tattoo design such as the one on the picture.

Small Simple Black Tattoo


If a woman wants an edge to her tattoo, she can choose a design as tough as this one. Having a tattoo with a snake design does not make the feminine side of a woman lesser.

Snake Tattoo for Women


Star designs for tattoos would never grow old. It is perfect for any young woman. It is one of the designs that most women would go for if they opt to have plain black and grey tattoos.

Star Black Grey Tattoo