Chest Tattoos For Women

Chest tattoos for women are great ways to express one’s ideologies, beliefs, and philosophies. Unlike other body areas, getting inked at this part of your body shows your total commitment to your ink because it’s scribbled right below your face, transcending your vital organs such as your heart. If you want to get a chest tattoo for yourself, then here are great ideas which can inspire you:

Angel wings. This chest tattoo for women is one of the most famous. Having wings tattooed on your chest shows your love for freedom and independence. For the best look, have it tattooed in just one color – black. If you have it colored, it will look tackier.

angel wings chest tattoo for women

Girl with emo hairstyle,Angel wings tattoo on  chest and milticolored Chinese sleeve tattoo.

angel wings chest tattoo for girls

The mantra you live by. If you live your life according to a mantra, quote, or proverb, then it can serve as a great idea for chest tattoo for women. Statements such as “Carpe Diem” and “Live life to the fullest” are inspiring designs which you can have inked on your chest.

Artistic inspirational chest tattoo -“Artists Never Die”

quotes chest tattoo


Love quote collar bone tattoo

inspiring clavicle tattoo

Roses adorned with thorns. This chest tattoo for women is one of the most common, yet it remains to be one of the prettiest among the bunch. By having a flower with thorns inked on your chest, you show that you choose to bloom and fight back amidst multitudes of problems and diversity. For this tattoo, it’s best if you add more colors, such as red for the flower and green for the thorns.

rose chest tattoo for women


Star line. Are you bright and sparkly? Then having a star line is a great idea for chest tattoo for women. You can ask your artist to draw different star designs on your chest. You can go for a simple blackened star, or one with black outlines. You can also tell your artist to add color to your stars.

stars chest tattoo girl

Hearts. The chest is where your vital organs, such as your heart, are located. Show them your love and passion by having a heart chest tattoo for women. The focus is the heart (where you can have your name imprinted.) You can add other designs such as tribal lines, curves, and what not.

broken Heart  chest tattoo with quotes

Your hubby’s name. Nothing shows more than total commitment by having your husband’s name as your chest tattoo. You can embellish the name with flowers, lines and other designs to make it look for fashionable. But unless you’re sure you are going to be with him forever, we suggest you proceed with another style of chest tattoo for girls.


Indian  design , black chest tattoo for women

Cute feather – collar bone tattoo

collar bone tattoo for women

3D Chest tattoo for girls

3d chest tattoo

You can find a wide selection of designs and symbols with various meanings. Select your tattoo design very carefully to fully express your very own style and character.