Chic and Dainty Tattoos that Will Give You a Subtle Hint of Sexy

Tattoos are one of the most popular ways of self-expression. They’re quite controversial, though, which is a shock given how open-minded most people already are. Some people view tattoos to be art inked on the body while others see it simply as another way to make the body look ‘dirty’. There’s also this common misconception about people with tattoo being of rather shady character, especially women. My personal take on having tattoos is that as long as you can be comfortable in your own skin with it, it’s fine. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo soon but can’t decide on what you want done, check out these chic and dainty tattoos that will give you a subtle hint of sexy.

  • Nape tattoo – nape tattoos are super sexy and a little flirty, too. No one would know it’s there until you put your hair up or get it out of the way. Some of the most common nape tattoo designs include dream catchers, monogrammed initials or simple but meaningful words. If you want to take the sexy look up a notch, you can do what Rihanna did and get your tattoo design done so it runs from the nape down to the back.

rihanna stars nape tattoo feather nape tattoo zodiac sign tattoo on nape

organic nape tattoo

  • Ring finger tattoo – ring finger tattoos are becoming super popular among couples today. Instead of getting a ring to show their commitment to each other, they get ring finger tattoos instead. Often, it’s your other half’s initials inked on to your finger but if you’re single you can have other dainty designs done as well. Some of the really popular designs include music symbols, anchors, heart (to symbolize love) and important dates, often in Roman numerals.

dainty ring finger tattoo crescent moon ring finger tattoo

  • White tattoo – love the idea of getting a tattoo but don’t want it to be too bold and loud? How about getting a white tattoo? White tattoos are super popular among girls because they’re super subtle and chic and they also look softer and sweeter. You can have any design done with white ink and you’re sure that it will still look girly and posh.

white wrist initial tattoo white sleeve tattoo

  • Rib cage tattoo – another really cute tattoo you can get done is a rib cage tattoo. To keep it dainty you can choose to have a quote done that runs in a line or have something tall done like a flower with a stem or a long trail of birds or even a long feather. If you want it subtle, you can also choose to have a smaller design inked.

dainty rib cage tattoo dream catcher rib cage tattoo cobra rib cage tattoo

  • Outer wrist tattoo – wrist tattoos are cute and all but they’ve become too common. If you’re looking for a more unique way to ink your wrist, try having it done on the outer wrist. It’s more visible yet not the in your face kind of visible. Choose something small and dainty to keep it subtle.

outer wrist tattoo outer wrist triangle tatts quote tattoo on outer wristheart on outer wrist