10 Cool tattoo designs for women

Cool tattoo designs and ideas for women.

A tattoo is a way to express your thoughts and ideals. Not only is it a beautiful embellishment on your skin, it also shows your commitment to a certain thought or belief. If you’re thinking of getting inked, then here are some cool tattoo designs and where to put it (or them, if you want to have multiples!)

Spine vine.

tribal vine tattoo

If you want a one-of-a-kind tattoo, then ask your artist to draw a vine (or any other elongated image) on your spine. The cascading feature of this tattoo will make you have a “sexy back.” This style is perfect for the summertime, because you can flaunt it in your cute bikini top.

Even after summer, with this ink you’ll love wearing backless tops all the time.

side flower vine tattoo for women

Shoulder blooms.

flower shoulder tattoo

This beautiful tattoo will make you want to wear off-shoulder tops every day. Because your shoulders are huge canvasses for the artist, this style is perfect for women who want ornate and attractive ink.

cool shoulder tattoo for women

Beautiful shoulder tattoo – roses and quotes

shoulder tattoo quotes and roses

Tattoo below your ear.

tattoo below ear

If you want to have a small tattoo which you can conceal anytime you want, then you can have a small  tattoo  inked below your ear. This cute design will attract eyes especially if you wear your hair up. If you want to hide your tattoo, it’s as simple as letting your hair down.

Cool tattoo ideas for your feet .

stars feet tattooStars  on the top of your feet

Again, this cool tattoo design looks perfect for the summer. With this tattoo you don’t need to wear an elaborately-designed flip-flop on the shoreline, because the starry glimmers are great designs themselves. You can choose an all-black theme, or you can tell your artist to shade your stars in different colors.

beautiful feet tattoo for women

White ink wrist tattoos

white ink wirst tattoo

Wrist tattoos are not that common, and asking your artist to ink in white will truly make you a rebel in your own right. This place is best for encouraging words and mottos which you live by. The white ink makes your tattoo subtle. Plus, the location is free from wrinkling so you don’t have to worry about having a saggy tattoo when you get old.

Wrist bracelets tattoo – very feminine lace  and tiny beads design

wrist  bracelets tattoo for women

Delicate cherry blossom flowers on wrists

flowers on wrists tattoo


Finger side  tattoos .

finger side tattoo

If you want a subtle tattoo, then  tell your artist to draw ink on the side of your finger. A word or an ornate embellishment are just some of the things that will go well with a finger side tattoo. This location is best for women who want to get inked, but don’t want the world to notice it.Hope you liked  my  cool tattoo designs selection.