Delicate Cross Tattoos for Women

A cross is the symbol of Catholic faith. More often than not, cross tattoos for women depict one’s devotion to the Supreme Being. But now, these ornate inks can be a symbol of expression and freedom. If you’re thinking of having a cross tattooed on your body, then here are ideas to help you out.

Cross  tattoo with wings

cross with wings tattoo

Nothing gets more devout than this cross tattoo for women. Apart from symbolizing Christianity, the wings which spread from the cross tell about angels which guard each and every one. If you want to feel safe and secure in your skin, then a cross with wings is the appropriate design for you.

“Believe” tattoo

beleve cross tattoo

The cross is the ultimate symbol of Christian faith. And what better way to show your faith to have the word “Believe” inscribed across the cross? With this cross tattoo for women you can get the inspiration you need when times get tough.

Rosary tattoo


The Rosary is a sacred item for Christians, for it represents the Virgin Mary, who intercedes in behalf of all those who pray. A great cross tattoo for women is the rosary with its five sections of ten beads and the cross sign at the end. You can have this inked on your wrist or ankle, and you can even use this as a guide when you pray the rosary!

Cross of remembrance



A cross tattoo for women can also celebrate the life of a loved one you just lost. Show your devotion to your departed dad, mom, husband or sibling by asking your artist to tattoo their names across your cross tattoo. This ink can also show that they are in your hearts and you are dearly praying for the eternal repose of their souls.

Small cross tattoo designs

small cross tattoos


Cross  with hearts

cross-with-hearts tattoo

When Jesus died on the cross, it showed his love for his humanity. Now it’s your turn to show your love for him by having a cross with hearts tattooed on your nape, arm, hand or leg. For the best look ask your artist to shade the heart in scarlet red.


Ankle cross tattoo


The cross is a symbol of prayer, and a great cross tattoo for women involves a drawing of two hands clasped tightly, praying to Jesus. In these fast times, prayer is sometimes forgotten. The praying hands tattoo can remind you to slow down and spend some time talking with the Almighty God.

Just cute cross tattoo designs for women :

cross-tattoo- for women

simple cross tattoos

Foot cross tattoofoot cross tattoo

sensual cross tattoo

sexy cross tattoo