Different Rose Tattoo Designs for Women

The rose tattoo has been one of the favorites when it comes to tattoo designs. Nowadays, there are already different variations of the said tattoo. The rose or flower tattoos are mostly found inked on women’s skins. It can be seen on the different body parts of the women. Some put it where it can be easily seen, while some place it in the secluded part of their body. Here are some roses tattoo designs you can get ideas from if you decide to get one:

small rose tattoo

This kind of tattoo would be perfect for the summer when you wear your sexy two-piece bikini. The style of the roses tattoo also expresses that feminine the design may be, it also shows toughness.

Back Rose Tattoo Spikes


The upper back of the body is one of the most common places where women get inked. The design is very simple and balanced.

Back Rose Tattoo


When you want to be a little bit adventurous, or just for the sake of art in photography, you can get a temporary tattoo with this design.

Body Rose Tattoo


Another part of the body where you can get a rose tattoo design is the lower side of your torso. It is likely that you will be able to expose this when you are wearing a swimsuit or a hanging top.

Body Side Rose Tattoo


If you are getting tired of the old school rose tattoo styles, you can be creative and think of something to add twist to the design. Here on this image is a rose tattoo with a fairy on it.


Fairy Rose Tattoo


This is a simple yet beautiful rose inked on the skin on the foot.

Foot Simple Rose Tattoo


There are women who like to have their tattoos in large designs. Here is one example. It is not purely the tattoo of a rose, but there are letterings too.

Large Body Rose Tattoo


A simple rose tattoo such as this can also be modified if you want to be more creative. Adding designs such as a bleeding rose tattoo will change the whole look completely.

Simple Rose Tattoo


When a black and white rose tattoo is not good enough, adding more elements to the tattoo such as this one on the picture has a wild effect to it.

Wild Rose Tattoo


Here is one celebrity with a rose tattoo on her arm. The design of the tattoo is very creative and has a very feminine side to it.

Amber Rose Rose Tattoo

There are several styles of tattoos to choose from. If you are having a permanent tattoo, you must be sure with the design that you want because it would take extra effort to remove it. Most women would prefer flower tattoos to be inked to their skins, and the rose tattoo is one of those designs that women want.