Foot Tattoos

When you see a tattoo on a person what goes into your head first? Arrogant, strong personality type of person or you just simply don’t care about it? Well, a lot of people really love to have something imprinted on their skin.

Most of the tattoos were placed on the arms, wrists, or somewhere it can be seen. Rarely can you see tattoos on hidden parts like back, chest, and foot. Because most of the people who put on tattoos intended it to be seen it’s either to know their story or who they are even if people could not see them.

foot tattoo

Honestly, foot tattoos are the difficult tattoos to get healed.  But now let’s just talk about foot tattoos and different designs.

foot tattoo designs

Foot tattoos really loved and adored by woman. For women, their foot is one of the sexiest parts of their body. It is either part of nature or anything that symbolizes woman in general. Here are some designs that most women are always had:

cute foot tattoos

Star shaped tattoos are the types of tattoos that are very easy to have. Star shaped tattoos can be mixed with different star sizes and bright colors.

Star Foot Tattoo

The good thing about the stars is, it doesn’t really ask too much. It is also inexpensive plus, it is the tattoo design that can be easily ink.

Star Tattoos For Women

Butterfly is one of the many choices of people for tattoos, most especially women. This creature just shouts different symbolism.

butterfly foot tattoos

Not just being a feminine, but also it says about nature. Just do it with bright colors and a various kinds of butterfly designs, the combination will really tell the natural feminist and beauty of a woman.

butterfly foot tattoo design for girls

We all know angels are God’s little guardians. Angels are always with us to protect us from bad things as we were told when we were a kid.

angels foot tattoo designs

Some will never forget this as they grow up. So, as being a mature person, they instead in grave it on their skin. Angels must be done best when it is small, so that the angel image will really shows your personality.

angel wings foot tattoo

Flowers are the common choice of woman. Flowers have qualities of being a colorful, and it has vines that can help for great effects on foot.

flowers foot tattoo

Flowers also have different meanings like, rose – love, joy & beauty; Lily – Majesty, Truth, Honor; Tulip – Love, Passion. Flowers really gave different meaning to the field of tattoo art.

flowers foot tattoo designs for girls