Great Tattoo Ideas for Women Young and Old

There are a lot of great tattoo ideas to choose from if ever you decide to have either a temporary or permanent tattoo. For women, the best tattoo ideas would be something that shows how feminine she is. A lot of lady celebrities have great tattoo ideas that women can imitate. Here are some great tattoo ideas for women that range from simple to intricate designs that ladies will surely love.

One of the coolest tattoo ideas is the butterfly tattoo. It may be common, but you can have other designs with it that will make it unique such as the one on the picture.

Beautiful Ankle Tattoo Idea


Most women prefer to have flower tattoos. If you are going for something temporary, you can have a tattoo such as the one on the picture. It is perfect for the summer, where you can show it off whenever you are wearing a swimsuit.

Flower Tattoo Design Women


Of the many great tattoo designs, the musical notes is one of the most unique. This tattoo design will be perfect for music lovers.

Music Tattoo Design Idea


The koi fish and the lotus symbolizes differently for each person. It is one of the tattoo designs which have deep meanings.

Tattoo Idea Fish Back


If you want something simple, this tribal design is perfect. It is one of the most unique tattoo designs that you can have.

Tribal Body Tattoo Design


A unique tattoo design is like this one on the picture. It is best if the tattoo is just temporary, because you won’t be ablee to show off the tattoo if you are wearing other clothing.

Unique Flower Tattoo Design


There are also beautiful tattoo ideas that have nature designs. This includes the one on the picture.

Wheat Fish Tattoo Idea

Celebrities have their own unique tattoo designs. People imitate their tattoo designs because they are so popular.

Angeline Jolie has a simple random tattoo design.

Anne Hathaway’s back tattoo is very feminine and gives a twist to the whole look of her outfit.

You can have a tattoo design like Victoria Beckham’s. It has a mysterious effect to it that will make you curious what it really means.

There are a lot of great tattoo ideas, and always remember to choose the design that you really love.