Stylish Shoulder tattoos for women

 12 Stylish Shoulder tattoo designs for women 

The shoulder is one of the sexiest features of a woman. Its curvaceous silhouette makes it sultry without showing too much skin. If you want to adorn your shoulder with beautiful think, then here are great ideas for shoulder tattoos for women.

Phoenix tattoo

women shoulder phoenix tattoo

The phoenix is a mythical creature famous for its red and orange features and fire-breathing capacities. Needless to say, this bird is a great idea for shoulder tattoos for women. Not only is it colorful, it’s artsy and fierce as well.

Fairies and fantasies

fairy  shoulder tattoos for girls


As a small girl, you might have believed in the presence of fairies, pixies and other mystical beings. Live out this fantasy by having these fairies as shoulder tattoos for women. This whimsical tattoo can make you feel like a princess with many colors.

Flowers –  one of the best  shoulder tattoo designs for women

flowers shoulder_tattoo

Blooms are nature’s beautifying ornaments. A garden filled with flowers is needless to say, breathtaking. Make yourself as breathtaking as countryside landscapes by having flowers as shoulder tattoos for women. You can go for a lotus, a rose, or a dandelion – whatever tickles your fancy. These colorful blossoms will truly make you want to expose your shoulder every so often.

 Girl shoulder tattoos  -Tribal  signs 


Tribal tattoos make for great shoulder tattoos for women. The abstract designs make you mysterious to people who look at you. If you’re not a fan of colorful ink, then tribal signs is what you want because they are usually colored in just black.

Stars tattoo

Celebrity Tattoo - stars on shoulder

Stars are favorite tattoo designs by women. Because they look good on every part of the body, stars are considered beautiful shoulder tattoos for women. You can have a big star inked on your shoulder, or you can ask your artist to make a constellation. Whatever design you pick,  star shoulder tattoos for women look elegant and very feminine.

Skull tattoo design

Skull Tattoos-for-Girls-Shoulder

Want to look like an edgy punk? Then a skull shoulder tattoo for women is what you want. If you’re not a fan of girly images, then a skull tattoo will make you look tough. This will show people that they should not mess around with you!

 Lotus shoulder tattoo

lotus shoulder tattoo

  Beautiful Black and white shoulder tattoo design  for girls – Roses

black roses shoulder tattoo

Birds – small shoulder tattoo 

birds small shoulder tattoo

Tila Tequila- heart and guns Shoulder Tattoo

Tila-Tequila- heart and guns Shoulder-Tattoo


Quotable quotes

love quotes -shoulder-tattoo

If you don’t like big, glaring images on your shoulder, you can ask your tattoo artist to use your favorite quote for your ink.

shoulder quote  tattoo

Quotes make for great shoulder tattoos for women because they show the personality and the ideologies of the wearer. If you believe in spontaneity, you can go for a “Carpe Diem” tattoo. If you are a big romantic, try the “Love will keep us alive” ink.