12 Cool Side Tattoos for Women

Find out what designs of rib and  side tattoos for women exist and what is the perfect  style  for you.

The ribs boast of a big area where you can have a big tattoo of your choice. Despite being concealed for most of the time under your shirts and dresses, wearing a 2-piece bikini during summertime allows you to flaunt your lovely rib ink. If you are considering getting inked, here are some cool rib tattoo ideas which you can try out.

Cute side tattoos for women

Polynesian signs and symbols. These designs are ornate and very symbolic. For years it has been used by Polynesian warriors to depict their strength and courage.

tribal side tattoo

Given the wide canvas for the tattoo artist, having Polynesian symbols tattooed on your ribcage will make you look like a decorated warrior.

Quotes or sayings.

If you have a personal mantra which spans a several sentences or so, then the rib cage is the best place to have your quote inked.

words and stars rib tattoo

Long sentences, even a paragraph or two in cursive letters in a vertical or diagonal fashion will surely inspire you every time you’re feeling down or blue.

lyrics rib tattoo

Flowers. Roses, Tulips and Orchids are beautiful blooms which you can have tattooed on your  side or rib cage.

lilly tatto for women

What’s great about these blossoms is that you can ask the artist to color them so you can have a vivid array of flowers running around your side.

Stylish girl side tattoo with floral design

side tattoo for women

Peacock. If you want colorful ink on your rib cage, then a great image to have tattooed on your side is that of a flamboyant peacock. You can have a small peacock tattoo, or a large one which spans the entire length of your torso.

peacock side tattoo

Wings. Want to look like an angel sent from above? Then having wings tattooed on your rib cage will give you a heavenly look.  For best results, have your ‘wings’ shaded in light, ephemeral colors such as gold and light blue.

wings side tattoo for girls

One-word or a few words tattoo. Is there a great adjective which describes you and your outlook in life?


Then you can have it on your side. Courageous words such as “Fearless,” “Beautiful,” and “Vixen” are just some of the terms you can have tattooed on your rib cage. If you want a ‘girlier’ ink, you can ask the artist to ink it in your favorite color.

rib stars tattoo

Stars. Create a constellation on your body by having a series of stars tattooed on your rib cage. Jazz up the ink by asking your artist to draw stars in different colors and sizes. You can have stars tattooed on both sides for a ‘stellar’ look.

Knife and roses tattoo on a side

rib knife and rose side tattoo

Floral inspired side  tattoo for women

floral rib tattoo for women.jpg