Small Tattoo Ideas for Girls

If it’s your first time to get a tattoo or if you want ink that cannot be blatantly seen, then what you need is a small tattoo. This quaint patch of ink can be a means of expressing yourself without the use of big and obvious tattoos. Before deciding on what design to get, you should consider the location first.

Where to place your small tattoo

There are several parts of the body where you can have a small tattoo. If you want it to be seen always, then you can put ink on your wrist, top of the hand, forearm or arm. If you want tats which you can show on occasion, then get a tattoo on your nape, behind the ear, chest, shoulder, shoulder blade, hip, ribcage, lower back, ankle, or top of the foot.

small one word tattoo

Small tattoo ideas for girls

Have you decided where to put your ink? Now, you need to determine the design for your ink. If you have no idea yet, then here are some small tattoo ideas for girls.

sexy small heart tattoo

    • Heart – As one of the most famous tattoo designs, a heart – or a bunch of them – serves as a good small tattoo idea for girls. You can have the usual red heart, or you can add designs such as a cupid’s arrow, your name, or even your beau’s name.

small heart tattoo

  • Cross – While the Cross is the universal symbol of Christianity, this small tattoo idea for girls can be rocked by non-Catholics as well. Ask your artist to draw an ornate Cross design, just like that of a Celtic cross. You can add some designs too, such as your name, light rays, or rosary beads.
demi lovato small cross tattoo
  • Significant Initials – Your initials, your hubby’s initials, or an important acronym serve as nice small tattoo ideas for girls. You can have them written in scripted capitals, although you can opt for other unconventional font styles as well.
small initials tattoo
  • Butterfly – These winged creatures are some of the most favorite small tattoo ideas for girls. That’s because they’re pretty and colorful. Rock a butterfly on the mentioned body parts above and ask your artist to color it in your favorite hue.
  • Favorite quote or saying – Do you have a life motto? Be inspired by your favorite quote every day by having a short saying tattooed on your body. Not only will it look good, it will help you get through difficult days just by looking at it.female-small-tattoo
Peacock feather tattoo

peacock feather tattoo

Lotus  flower tattoo for girls

lotus  flower tattoo for girls

Small shoulder tattoo

small shoulder tattoo for girls