Small Tattoo ideas for women

 Beautiful Small Tattoo ideas for women

Tattoos are permanent embellishments which can make you look unique and beautiful. If you are a woman who wishes to get a new ink, then here are lovely tattoo ideas for women that you can try out.

small tattoo ideas for women

Shooting stars

This beautiful yet simple tattoo idea for women is a great design for first-timers. You can have it on your nape, lower back, arm, hand, or top of the feet. You can have stars painted in black ink, but if you want a vibrant design, you can ask your tattoo artist to draw colorful stars.

wrist star tattoo

Beautiful butterflies

Butterflies are colorful winged insects which are lovely to look at. This tattoo idea for women can be inked in different parts of your body, such your arm, leg, foot, lower or upper back, and even the nape. Because these are colorful creatures, it’s best if you ask your artist to have it shaded with a number of hues.

lotus tattoo idea for women

Lotus flower

The lotus flower is a symbol of yearning and estranged love. Even if these are not your emotions, the image of a lotus flower is a great tattoo idea for women. You can have a small lotus flower tattooed on your foot, arm, or nape, or you can have a big image at your lower back or leg. Make the image lovelier by asking your artist to draw it in a vibrant color.

small wings tattoo

Wonderful wings

Want to fly high and soar above the skies? You can do it metaphorically with this tattoo idea for women. While you can have this tattoo at other parts of your body, the best location is your upper back. Flaunt this tattoo by wearing a halter top or a backless top which shows the ink.

Captivating cross

small cross tattoo

A cross is a symbol of Christianity. Even if this is not your religion, you can have a cross inked on your upper back, arm, leg, hand, or foot. For best results, ask your artist to draw a small or medium-sized cross, instead of a huge one.

Animal prints

small paws-tattoo

Animal prints are not only trendy fashion statements, they make for good tattoo ideas for women as well. A cheetah, tiger or leopard print are some of the designs which you can have inked on your hand, arm, leg, foot, or back. You can even have these animal prints as fillers for other tattoos, such as a heart or a star.

Star tattoo on wrists

small star tattoo

word tattoo on wrist

word tattoo on wrist