Tattoo Lettering Design for Ladies

When it comes to tattoos for statement, tattoo lettering is a trend. Women express what they feel to different tattoo letter designs. Tattoos nowadays are not only for expressing art. Some people have tattoo lettering in the form of their favorite quotes, the names of their loved ones, or sometimes, their principles in life. Here is a collection of different tattoo lettering styles in women.

love tattoo

Aside from simply getting your favorite quote tattooed on your back, add something more creative such as this one on the woman’s back.

Back Woman Tattoo Lettering


A tattoo can also be placed on the inner arm bearing a message you always keep in mind.

Inner Arm Lettering Tattoo


There are also women who love to have tattoos in a different written language such as this Arabic lettering tattoo on the nape.

Nape Arabic Lettering Tattoo


Here is a tattoo where the person’s favorite quote is written. It can be seen that the font used on the tattoo is possibly the Courier font. You can choose your own tattoo lettering fonts and inform your choice to your artist.

Quote Women Tattoo Lettering


The side of the lower torso is not the usual place people have tattoos. But on this case, the woman put her tattoo lettering on that part.

Side Lettering Tattoo


Some women prefer to have their tattoos on the side. You can design your own tattoo lettering to enhance the uniqueness of the design you are going to ink to your skin.

Side Ribs Lettering Tattoo


Some celebrities and known personalities have tattoos, and lettering is one of their top choices when it comes to designs. Here are photos of celebrities with tattoo letterings.

Alexandra Breckenridge has a letter tattooed on her back. She added some swirls to her tattoo to make it look more creative.

Alexandra Breckenridge Tattoo


Angel Porrino has a tattoo on her left wrist. If you cannot decide what style to use, there is a tattoo lettering generator on the internet which you can use to design your own tattoo style.

Angel Porrino Wrist Tattoo


Jenna Dewan Tatum has a tattoo on her left foot. The letterings on your tattoo may represent your culture or the country you came from.

Jenna Dewan Tatum Tattoo


Mena Suvari has three words on her tattoo – word, sound, power. To most of us, these three words would make no sense, but to the owner of the tattoo, these words may mean something that only she knows about.

Mena Suvari Back Tattoo


With the various styles to choose from, women may get confused when it comes to choosing the tattoo to get, most especially if it is a permanent tattoo. There is one thing that you can remember, the tattoo lettering that you are going to ink on your skin will represent who you are.