Colorful Tattoos with meaning

Tattoos are permanent embellishments which can help you express your beliefs, ideals, and missions in life. You can show the people your lifestyle without being too blunt with the drawing used in your tattoo. Here are some tattoos with meaning that can show your individuality in a subtle and unique way.Here  you will find 14 amazing Colorful Tattoos with meaning:

 Sakura Blossom tattoo meaning. The Japanese have long used the elegant Sakura Blossom as tattoos. These blooms, which mean grace and sophistication, are perfect for women who are looking alternatives for flowers such as roses and tulips. Because Cherry blossoms represent beauty, this tattoo is a great choice for strong, independent women.

sakura blossom tattoo.jpg


Angel tattoo meaning . Meaning ‘messenger’ in Greek, an angel gives different meanings when worn by the two sexes.


Angel tattoo for women
Angel tattoo for women

For women, an Angel tattoo shows calmness and serenity, while on men, it shows an established connection with a higher being.

angel wings tattoo

The religious will also enjoy this tattoo, as an angel depicts protection and guidance from malevolent events.

fallen angel tattoo

Eagle tattoo meaning. Are you a free-spirited individual? Then an Eagle tattoo is what you need. An Eagle, famous for its ability to fly high and fast above mountains and valleys, show your capacity to make journeys as you wish to. Eagle also shows patriotism. Nationalistic persons such as soldiers and army men dote on Eagle tattoos as the Bald Eagle is the national animal in the United States.

eagle tattoo

Koi. Koi tattoos represent courage. Having a Koi swimming downstream tattooed on your body means that you have managed to overcome your problems and difficulties in life. Red Kois connote love and strength, while a dragon koi shows strength and the start of a new chapter in your life. Black kois, on the other hand, signify success over a difficult struggle.

koi fish tattoo on back

Phoenix tattoo meaning. If you have triumphed over a personal problem or a burdensome journey in life, then a Phoenix tattoo is what you want to have drawn on your body.

phoenix tattoo on back

Legends believe that Phoenix can rise up from the ashes after 3 days, just like Jesus Christ, that’s why it’s a favorite amongst Catholics as well.

phoenix tattoo

Pretty asian girl with Phoenix tattoo on her back

girl with phoneix  tattoo

Geisha tattoo meaning :A Geisha is a symbol of  serenity , beauty and peace .  Women as well as men  can have tattoos of Geisha

geisha tattoo

Geisha and cherry blossom tattoo

geisha  and cherry blossom tattoo

Dragon tattoo meaning . Powerful and mysterious, dragons have long been seen as beautiful creatures which spew balls of fire. Strength, power, and courage are just some of the many things which represent the image of the dragon.

Tribal dragon tattoo

tribal dragon tattoo

Girl with dragon tattoo

Girl with dragon tattoo

Keris weapon  or sword tattoo meaning . The Javanese have used the image of the Keris to symbolize their power. If you want to show your superiority in your society, then this tattoo with meaning is perfect for you.

sword tattoo girl