Trendiest Lotus Flower Tattoos

Are you considering having a lotus flower tattoos? Are you thinking on what designs you would like to get for your body? So, why not try the lotus flower tattoo?

Lotus flower emerged from a murky pond. It does not fail to show its beauty.  It looks clean and pure against the dirty surrounding where it sprouted.

 lotus flower tattoos

Its meaning solely relies on the country and its significance to their culture. In Egypt, lotus flower is associated with rebirth. It also symbolizes the sun and its creation. On the other hand, this ties a relevant attachment to Indians and Buddhism or Hinduism.

fashionable lotus flower tattoo images

A lotus flower means the revitalization of the spiritual reality of life.

In this highly sophisticated time, the meaning of the lotus flower tattoo in a tattoo enthusiast’s perspective falls in representing the life per se. Consequently, this flower tattoo shows the struggle of a person as he travels life.

lotus flower tattoo images

It can perceive as well that those people who had tattooed themselves with lotus flower are the ones who had challenges in life and those that gladly overcame it with a smile. Lotus tattoo continues to inspire people who strive at their best beyond the difficulties being faced every day.

lotus tattoo on neck

The lotus flower tattoo designs are becoming more and more popular especially to women. This is practically because of its true sense. There are lots of lotus designs that are made available in the fashion industry today. Therefore, it is up to you “which is which”.

lotus flower tattoo meaning

You can have it in your back, shoulders, ankles, hips, nape and etc. Basically, you can get the trendiest lotus flower design anywhere in your body.

These designs are very distinct and well-designed as it captures the true glamor of the lotus flower. The lotus flower’s tint spells something.

Lotus tattoos meanings

Red lotus flower symbolizes purity.

red lotus tattoo

Pink lotus flower signifies supremacy and genuineness. This is the color of lotus that can be seen with Buddha.

White lotus flower means spirituality.

wrist lotus tattoo

Blue is for wisdom and intelligence while purple defines mystery and thrill.

Lotus also comes in popular tribal design that is typically full black and a little color accent sometimes.

lotus tattoo

Despite the fact that there a large number of women who go crazy with a lotus flower tattoo, it can be notes as well that a lotus flower tattoo holds a very significant and symbolic purpose.  This might be one of the reasons behind the drastic increase of the demand towards this hottest trend in tattoo endeavor.

cute lotus tattoo design

Other people who live with their Eastern belief opt to this type of design. It links these people’s origins and religion.

As you can see, the lotus flower tattoo successfully left a mark on the lives of thousands of people all over the globe (regardless of color and religion). In fact, it establishes a historic meaning.

Take note that through this perfectly chosen lotus flower tattoo, you are relaying a message to those people around you.


Thus, if someone asks you what your tattoo means, you could explain it to them with no hesitation.