Beautiful Tribal Tattoos for Women

12  Great tribal tattoos for women

In the distant past, tribal tattoos were drawn on male warriors to show their courage and strength. And as time progressed, gender equality came about and now women can also flaunt tribal tattoos on their bodies. If you’re contemplating on getting inked, here are some beautiful tribal tattoos for women.

Dragon tattoo designs for women.

dragon tattoo for women

This tribal tattoo for women is great for those who want a big, eye-catching ink. Set in all black, this tattoo is bet inked on the arm. You can also have this drawn on your nape, transcending to your back.

Your ankle and your feet will also serve as great canvasses for this tattoo.

tribal dragon tattoo  for girls

Butterfly tattoo.A butterfly tribal tattoo for women is simple yet elegant. It can be drawn as a small figure, even as a medium-sized or large drawing.

tribal butterfly  neck tattoo

The best place to place your butterfly tattoo is at your upper back, by the scapula. You can expose this ink to people by wearing a racer back top, a tube top, or a halter top.

butterfly back tattoo

You can also have a butterfly tribal tattoo drawn on the top of your hand, on your arm, or by your ankle.

Tribal lily tattoo.

Tribal lily tatoo

A lily is a lovely flower, and it can also be used in tribal tattoos for women. When colored and drawn with intricate lines and curves, this ink can emanate your beauty and femininity. This long tattoo can be placed all over your arm, or at the side of your thighs. You can also ask your tattoo artist to draw it all over your back.

Cute  Colibri Bird tattoo

tribal colibri tattoo for women

Tribal flower tattoo


Palm tribal tattoo. If you want a small tattoo, then you can benefit from a palm tribal tattoo for women. Lines, curves and dots are great images which you can tattoo on the side of your palm.

palm tattoo women

You can also ask your artist to draw a tribal character which signifies your personality – say the Chinese character for ‘peace,’ ‘free,’ or ‘courageous.’ You don’t have to worry about your clothes concealing this design because people can see it all the time!

Beautiful  tribal bird tattoo on Ribs

rib tattoo for women

Wrist tribal  tattoo 

wrist tribal tattoo for women

Tribal dolphin  – small Shoulder tattoo for girls

tribal-dolphin- small shoulder tattoo

Stomach tribal tattoo for women. This tribal ink is great for females who always wear midriff blouses and bikini tops.

female stomach tattoo

A tribal tattoo of lines and curves inked below the belly button is a beautiful sight set against your flawless skin. While you can’t always expose this to people coming your way, this tribal tattoo can be flaunted every summer.