Women with an Infinity Symbol Tattoo

Why are there a lot of women who prefer having an infinity symbol tattoo? The infinite symbol is simple, it looks like the number 8 which is lying down. The symbol literally means that something never ends. But isn’t that a “too plain” tattoo? A lot of infinity symbol tattoo designs nowadays have been more creative than that. Symbol tattoo for women has been quite popular, probably because women put meaning to things. There are women who would want to have a simple tattoo, and yet, it has a lot of meaning to it. Here are some varied infinity symbol tattoo pictures that women would surely love to have.

An infinity sign tattoo can be for a couple. This can literally mean forever. The simple symbol also mean that it can go on and on without end.

Creative Infinity Tattoo Ladies


Strong bonds are also represented by an infinity symbol tattoo. There are siblings or family members who have this kind of tattoo to show that their bond is forever, since they are all a family.

Foot Infinity Ink Permanent


This tattoo can be inked on almost any part of the body. But more often than not, it is on a body part which can be easily seen.

Hip Infinity Tattoo Girls


One creative variation of this tattoo is the heart infinity symbol tattoo. There are also other designs that have been decorated with interesting patterns such as swirls.

Karma Heart Infinity Tattoo


Other elements can be added to the design such as the word “love”. There are people who put the names of their loved ones and theirs on the tattoo.

Love Infinity Tattoo Pretty


Have an infinity symbol tattoo with the words which represent what you believe in to be something that could last forever.


Love Strength Infinity Tattoo


An infinity tattoo is also a great design that can be for those having their first tattoo. It is simple and it is also small.

Simple Infinity Tattoo Women


The graceful writing on the tattoo adds beauty to the whole design. Patterns can be added to the design to add more beauty to the whole look.

Simple Love Infinity Tattoo


Endlessness is represented on a simple symbol. This is what makes this tattoo design very special. It is something that is so simple, yet it can mean a lot of things.

Simple Wrist Infinity Tattoo


There are people who have their tattoo on their thumb, where everyone can see it. The symbol can be for both men and women. Tattoo artists can provide different styles of the infinity symbol tattoo for one to choose from.

Thumb Infinity Tattoo Women