The Best Eye Makeup for your Eye Shape

No matter how much you search for, there is no one perfect eyes that exists out there. Each person possesses a unique trait that another person does not have. These traits have their own advantages. And we should embrace and love every features of our own individual beauty. That’s why makeup exists, right? To enhance those features and let people notice how you are beautiful in your own way.

As they say, eyes are the windows to the soul. In an eye-to-eye contact, it is obviously the first thing a stranger sees of you. So, you want to look your best.

Here, I show you some of the most common eye shapes and find out the best eye makeup tips for the different eye shapes.


Almond eyes are the so-called “standard of beauty for many centuries”. They are characterized by: a crease that’s perfectly visible from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, the iris is hidden under the lids, and are symmetrical. Because of this versatility, people with almond-shaped eyes could get away with almost anything.

almond eyes

Tip: Go with your heart’s desire but…!

Taking note of the word almost mentioned above, avoid putting liner or shadow on your lower lid. You can put liner on your water line but not further below. Since your eyes are shaped like almonds, this will just make your eyes look smaller and we don’t want that, do we?makeup for almond eyes


Round eyes are the opposite of almond eyes. Their width and height are nearly similar and the iris is visible. People who have round eyes have a naturally adorable and innocent look.

round eyes

Tip: Transform from being the innocent and cute to the alluring

If you want to look alluring and more mature, then your goal is to create an illusion of almond eyes. Apply a dark shadow to your crease and create a sideway V with your outer corner. In applying mascara, focus on the outer third of your eyelashes so that it would look like you have wider eyes.

makeup for round eyes


Monolid eyes have no creases at all. As a result, it offers more lid space for makeup and this is good because you can whip it up with winged cat-eye or gradient looks and get away with it gorgeously.

monolid eyes

Tip: Don’t have it. So why fight it?

Don’t fake a crease anymore since this will only make it more obvious. Instead, remember that the key is to gradient and blend your shadows. Also, focus on your lashes. Because your eyes usually push the lashes downwards, curl them up and apply two coats or three of mascara.

makeup for monolid eyes


Hooded eyes are somewhat similar, somewhat opposite of monolid eyes. Similar in a sense that the crease is hidden. But for the hooded eyes, the crease is only partially hidden. This creates an impression that your eye lid has “drooped” to your lash line. And this eye shape is the perfect match for smokey eye look.

hooded eyes

Tip: Think dark and bold.

Bold eye makeup was made for this kind of eye shape. Because lighter shades draw the attention to your lid, the bagginess will just make it more apparent. So go for the darker shades. The key here is to apply your shadows until halfway your brow bone. This way, it will veer off the attention to the droopiness of your eye lid.

makeup for hooded eyes


Downturned eyes are characterized by the outer tip of their eyes dropping down, giving a sleepy and soulful look. Some of the most beautiful people in the world have this set of eyes.

downturned eyes

Tip: Cat-eye soulmates

If you have downturned eyes, the cat-eye is meant for you. This is because cat-eye gives a lift that just looks so gorgeous on you.

makeup for downturned eyes


These eyes are placed farther back to the skull. These eyes are typically large and give the impression of a much defined brow bone.

deep set eyes

Tip: Lighten it up

Because of the natural shadow created by the prominent brow bone, use a beige or pink shadow on your lid to brighten it up. Also, you can highlight underneath the arch of your brow (exactly on your brow bone).

makeup for deep set eyes


Protruding eyes are the opposite of deep set eyes. The eyeballs are placed outward from your socket giving this popping and bulging look.

protruding eyes

Tip: Darken it up

We want to have that illusion that your eyes are further back from your skull than it really is. Apply a darker shadow across your crease and lid. As for the mascara, always remember to keep the lines thicker on the outside and thinner on the inside of your eye.

makeup for protruding eyes