The Different Shades of Purple Hair – Which one is for you?

Have you been itching to color your hair purple lately but aren’t sure which kind / shade of purple to go for? We know it can be difficult to make a decision like that because coloring your hair purple is a long term commitment so if you’re pushing through with it, you should at least get a shade of purple hair that you’ll be very comfortable with. There are different shades of purple hair ranging from the subtle, almost unnoticeable shade to a shade that’s loud and proud. Here are some of the most popular purple hair shades, read on and see if you can find one that you can rock:

  • Plum – plum is a very deep and rich shade of purple that you can use to color your hair if you want something that doesn’t scream ‘I AM WEARING PURPLE HAIR’. This shade is perfect if you’ve got medium to dark brown hair because it will blend well with the color and will not appear as much as other shades of purple would. For women with dark hair, the plum color may only be radiantly visible if you’re out in the sun or when light is shone on your hair.

plum hair color plum hair

  • Dark violet – this shade of purple is geared more for women who have black hair. Just like plum on brown hair, dark violet tends to really appear when light touches the hair. It’s another great shade you can go for if you want something that’s not too obvious.

dark purple hair

dark violet

  • Bright purple – if you think you’re ready to rock purple hair and you know you can live in them with confidence, go ahead and dye your hair a bright purple color. Bright purple is perfect for women who love to cosplay and also for the fashionistas who like making big, bright and bold hair statements. Bright purple hair may be trickier to achieve if you’ve got dark hair and may require some bleaching for the color to look pretty and vibrant.

bright purple bright purple hair

  • Chalky lilac – chalky lilac is a very light, almost white, shade of purple that you can dye your hair with if you want something unique. Not a lot of women go for this shade of purple hair because it’s quite difficult to achieve and also requires bleaching for dark hair like bright purple to get it right. if you’re blonde, though, it would be easier for you to pull off this look.

light purple hair light purple

  • Candy purple – this shade of purple is very light but not so that it’s almost white like chalky lilac but more so that it looks almost like a combination of pink and purple. It’s perfect if you want a nice girly twist added to your purple hair.

candy purple hair candy purple