The Perfect Pink Lipstick for Women

Pink lip color is probably the safest and the most suitable lip color for women because our lips are naturally pink in the first place. Pink lipstick intensifies the natural hue on your lips making you look more natural and prettier.

Women just love wearing pink on their lips so various shades are already present for you to choose from. Whether light or dark, pink lipsticks are simply very flattering and feminine. So if you are looking for the best pink lipstick for you, here are some of the shades that women just love to wear:

When it comes to pink lipsticks, hot pink lipstick is really very attractive as it turns your pale lips into a bright one. Hot pink lipsticks are best for fair skinned women because fair skin tend to highlight the hot pink color more.

Bright pink lipstick

Bright pink lipstick is also very nice with women with bright blue eyes for that very feminine look.

Hot pink lipstick

When you want deeper pink, this fuchsia lipstick worn by Kristen Stewart is very sexy and classy. Women will certainly have flattering lips when using this pink shade.

Fuschia pink lipstick

On the other side of pink, dark pink lipstick reveals a classy and sexy look even without wearing red lipstick.

Dark pink lipstick

For younger women, lighter shades of pink is very appropriate. Here, Selena Gomez wears a very fabulous pink top with an equally stunning Barbie pink lipstickĀ  for that overall pretty look.

Barbie pink lipstick

Going to the lighter shades, baby pink lipstick is very subtle, cute and pretty. For women looking for their everyday lip color, baby pink lipstick is a top choice.

Emily Blunt Baby pink lipstick

Rhianna wears light pink lipstick in one event. Here, she puts on a very charming look so if you want that same charming and stunning look on your lips, then you can get a light pink lipstick such as this shade.

Light pink lipstick

Now for those who still want a lighter shade of pink, pale pink lipstick can give you a little blush on your lips. This shade is best if you want a natural color on your lips.

Rachel Bilson pink lipstick

Here, Carly Rae Jepsen wears a pale pink lipstick with her minimal pink blush to complement the natural look.

Pale pink lipstick

The lightest of all pink shades would probably be nude pink lipstick best for that short trip to the mall or the supermarket. Nevertheless, you can also wear nude pink in casual as well as formal events for that modest look.

Nude pink lipstick

Using pink lipstick is very safe when it comes to putting on makeup and pink is considered the universal color of lipsticks for women because of the pretty hues as well as the flattering blush. So make sure that you have at least one pink lipstick in your makeup kit.