Things You Should Know Before You Get Blonde Ombre Hair

Blonde ombre hair is perhaps one of the most popular hair color choices not only for celebrities but for the everyday fashionistas as well. Having blonde ombre hair adds so much excitement and style to your hair. It’s a very unique way to spice up your looks, too. If you’re planning on getting blonde ombre hair anytime soon, here are some of the things that you should know:

  • Dark hair may require bleaching – since blonde is a very light color, you may need to have your dark hair bleached first before you can do a blonde ombre. It can be very difficult for the blonde color to show through dark hair which is why it requires bleaching. It would be best if you could go to a salon to have your hair bleached rather than do it at home because it will be easier and much safer for you.

wavy blonde ombre long blonde ombre

  • Look for photo inspirations – blonde ombre hair can have lots of variations. Some like to have their blonde ombre done to look like the color on their hair has just naturally grown out, some like the look of harsh lines that transition from one shade to another while others like to have their blonde ombre transition from blonde to a totally different color. For best results, try to look for photo inspirations from magazines or the internet of celebrities and models who have blonde ombre hair.

light blonde ombre

lauren conrad blonde ombre

  • Do not color your hair prior to getting an ombre – getting ombre hair done requires a certain process and certain colors to be mixed to create the proper ‘gradually fading’ effect. If you get your hair colored, you may need to have it recolored for the ombre. This means twice the expenses for you so you either pay for it or wait for your new color to grow out.

drew barrymore blonde ombre dark to brown ombre

  • Expect damage – damaging your hair is normal if you apply chemicals to it which means that getting an ombre also posts risks in bringing even greater damage to your hair. Be sure to let your hair relax and breathe every once in a while by not changing up your colors a lot.

cute blonde ombre blonde to colored ombre

  • Getting rid of ombre – you may think getting rid of an ombre is easy: just grow it out and cut the colored portion. Well, sure. But that’s if you’ve got the time and patience to wait. To get rid of ombre hair and go back to your natural color, your hairstylist will have to reapply the tones and colors that were removed when you had your hair bleached then apply the color that comes closest to your natural hair.

blonde ombre blonde ombre hair