Tie Dye Hair Options, Tips and Tricks

Doing the tie dye hair trend is a super fun way to update your hair and your looks. Tie dying your hair is very easy. You don’t have to go to the salon to get it done (unless you’ve got dark hair, we’ll get to that later). Others like to call this trend dip dying. Whatever you decide to call it, the main concept with this trend is to give the tips of your hair a fun and funky look by dying it in a different color.

Doing tie dye hair can be a long term commitment but if you’re not the kind who likes to stick to one hairstyle for a long time, don’t worry because we’ve got short term options for you. We’ve also got some other info, tips and tricks that will help you heaps with tie dying your locks so read on.

  • Bleaching dark hair – as mentioned earlier, if you’ve got dark hair, you may have to go to the salon to get your tips bleached. This is due to the fact that colors appear better on light hair than dark. Have it done at the salon if you have no idea and experience on bleaching your hair but if you’ve done it before, go ahead and do it yourself.

multicolor tie dye hair pastel tie dye hair pink tie dye hair

  • Extensions – don’t quite like the idea of bleaching your hair? That’s fine. Another option you can take is to get hair extensions instead. Get them in a color as close as possible to your natural hair color and bleach the ends on them instead. This is a much safer alternative if you don’t like harsh chemicals on your hair. Remember to get human hair extensions because the synthetic kind does not hold color.

pink tie dye on blonde hair purple tie dye hair

  • Choosing colors – there are plenty of styles that you can choose from when tie dying your hair. You can do single colors and you can also do multiple colors to get the rainbow effect. Doing one color is easier because you can just carelessly brush colors on. Doing 2 or more colors will require you to separate your hair in sections and do one color at a time but the results are more stunning.

rainbow tie dye hair red tie dye hair tie dye on dark hair

  • Dye alternatives – if you want this fancy look only for a day and don’t want to be stuck with it until the colors fade or don’t want to get the dyed tips cut, a great alternative for using dyes is to use Kool Aid instead. Simply combine Kool Aid with your conditioner and brush the mixture on to hair and leave on overnight in a Cling wrap. Wash it the next morning to see the final results. Shampoo easily washes Kool Aid out of your hair so it’s all you need to do to get rid of the color.

very light hair color tie dye green tie dyehair