Tips and Tricks for Getting the Perfect Brows

Was there ever a time when you spent so much time doing your makeup only to end up looking and feeling incomplete, as if there’s something off about your look that you just can’t point out? If this ever happened to you, it probably has something to do with your brows. Maybe you weren’t able to groom and shape it or maybe you forgot to fill them in. Whatever it is, forgotten brows are one of the most popular reasons why your makeup can look off sometimes. A lot of women underestimate their brows thinking it’s nothing to fuss about but the truth is that your brows can actually make or break your look. Check out these tips and tricks for getting the perfect brows every time.

  • Never overpluck – plucking is a great way to keep your brows in shape but when you overdo it, you might end up not being able to re-grow them, leaving bald spots in your brows, if not no brows at all. Let your brows grow a little longer before you start plucking them again.

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  • Stick to your natural shape – unless you’re doing your makeup as a part of a certain look you’re recreating, there’s really no need to re-shape your brows. If you must, though, you can use the glue stick method instead. Other than that, stick to your natural brow shape because they’re the most flattering on you.

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  • Don’t worry about symmetry – one of the things that makes eyebrow shaping seem so hard is achieving symmetry and this puts most girls off. If you’re one of those who forget about the brows because you know you can’t get them perfectly identical anyway, don’t stop and keep in mind that they don’t have to be. Brows are naturally asymmetrical and if you want to keep them looking natural, forget about the idea of perfectly symmetrical brows.

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  • Complete your brow kit – investing in a complete brow kit is essential if you want to have good looking eyebrows all the time. Of course, you’ll need the essentials in it which includes tweezers, brow scissors, brow comb, brow gel and what not and then you can add in the miscellaneous items like brow powder, brow wax and  brow stencils.

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  • Remember the TFFS – it’s like remembering BFFs but with a T. TFFS simply means to Tame, Frame, Fill and Seal. These are all the four steps you need for basic but good-looking brows.

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  • Don’t forget to blend – yes, blending isn’t just for face makeup, you should do it on your brows too! Anytime you use a product, especially a colored / tinted one, on your brows you have to make sure it blends in. You want the product and the color to look like they’re a part of your brows, not just something sitting on top of them.

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  • Make them stay – if you always have to have your brows on before you leave the house, make sure they stay despite the scorching sun, the sweat that’s going to run through them and being oily so you don’t end up with funky brows an hour later. Wearing primer on your brows before putting on your brow products can really help but don’t forget to seal them in with an eyebrow sealer so they stay put for longer.

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