Tips and Tricks for Using Concealers Correctly

Concealers are probably one of the best makeup products out there to consider as a must-have for any girl. It makes your skin look beautiful and flawless by covering up blemishes, pimples, pimple marks and acne or acne scars. Searching for the right concealer can be a bit tricky and difficult but it makes a huge difference on your skin. Aside from having the best concealers on hand, you should also know how to use your concealer the right way to get the best results. Here are some tips and tricks for using concealers correctly so you can be on your way to absolutely flawless skin.

  • Choose a concealer according to your skin type – one of the first and most important things to consider when choosing a concealer is your skin type. If you’re currently using a concealer and you find that it’s just not getting the job done as you like it, it might be because you’re using one that’s incompatible with your skin type. Most concealers come in either tubes or pots. Those in tubes with wand applicators tend to have a more fluid consistency and work with dry skin while those in pots are thicker, some almost with a paste-like consistency, and these work better for oily skin as they can have a mattifying effect. However, do not rely solely on this comparison. Still check the label to if it states whether the formula is for dry, oily or combination skin.

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  • Pay more to get more – when it comes to concealers, you get what you pay for. Though most drugstore concealers are able to get the job done, you may have to look into higher end concealers if you want to achieve a more professional-looking finish (better coverage, higher quality color, etc.). Also, high end brands have a more refined formula that don’t clog pores so if you can shell out an extra $10 or $15, go for it.

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  • Concealer tones – another thing you should consider when purchasing or using a concealer is the kind of blemish you are trying to cover. For dark circles and uneven skin, yellow-toned concealers are perfect. As for redness from pimples, scars and other blemishes, green-toned concealers are your best bet as these have the ability to balance out and diffuse red tones.

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  • Make it last – if you want your concealer to last all throughout the day, preparing your skin is a must. Concealer works best on clean and moisturized skin so make sure to wash your face and slather on some moisturizer beforehand. Priming your skin is also a great idea if you use an over-all concealer for uneven skin tone. By preparing your skin for concealer the need for foundation is eliminated unless you have severe skin issues that require fuller coverage.

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  • Foundation first – if you do need fuller coverage, by all means, use foundation. The trick is to apply foundation first and then see if your blemishes have been covered up. If not, then go ahead and dab concealer on these areas. Most of the time, though, when using a foundation that offers full coverage, minor blemishes get covered up as well.

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