Tips and Tricks on Makeup for Round Eyes

Round eyes are very unique. A lot of women who have round eyes are very blessed because this eye shape is very cute and charming and it looks great on any facial shape. However, applying makeup on round eyes can be a little bit tricky. Often, women with round eyes like to contour their eyes into looking more like an almond shape before applying makeup to make it easier. How to apply makeup on round eyes really depends on the look that you’re going for. The technique that you will use will vary on whether you want to accentuate your round eyes or elongate them instead. Here are a few quick and easy tips and tricks on applying makeup for round eyes.

  • Quick makeover – if you haven’t got much time to prepare and put makeup on in the morning before you head out the door, what you can do is to create a very simple eye makeup look using a neutral eye shadow on your lids and then focus on your lips. Downplaying your round eyes and bringing more attention to the lips can help make it look less round. Use mascara instead of an eyeliner to add definition to your eyes. Eyeliner will only frame your eyes and make them look rounder.

quick makeup look quick makeup quick

  • Natural beauty – one way to accentuate and feature your round eyes with make up is to do a natural eye makeup look. You can start by sweeping a light neutral colored shadow all over your lids and then add a much lighter (if possible, shimmery) color under the brow as highlight. Next, take a darker color and sweep it on your crease and do a windshield wiper motion to blend out the harsh lines. Following the natural contour of your crease will bring out the natural shape of your eyes. Finish off with eyeliner on both upper and lower lash lines and a coat or two of mascara.

natural makeup natural makeup look

  • Elegant look – to do an elegant eye makeup look on round eyes, start off by sweeping a dark colored eye shadow on your lids and then add a shimmery eye shadow below the brow bone to act as highlight. You may also add more colors on to the lid, if you want something with more depth. Next, line your lower lash line but don’t go all the way. Rather, just line about 1/3 of it. Line your upper lash line by doing a cat eye look and finish off with 2 to 3 coats of mascara. This look will enhance the shape of your eyes.

elegant makeup look elegant makeup elegnat

  • Dealing with the brows – whether you do a rounded brow shape or a straight one will also depend on the look that you are going for and what you are trying to achieve. Rounded eyebrows will, of course, enhance and emphasize the roundness of your eyes while a more squared off brow shape with a slightly tapered arch will do the opposite and make your round eyes look less round and more elongated.

brows straight brows round

Don’t pressure yourself too much into getting the perfect eye makeup look for your eye shape, especially if it’s your first time.