Tips for Achieving the Perfect Eye Makeup Look

One of the things that consume most of our time in the morning while doing our makeup is the eyes. I personally like spending more time on my eyes than any other part of my makeup / my face because they eyes are often what catches people’s attention so they become the focal point of our whole makeup look. if you like spending time on your eye makeup just as much as I do, check out these tips for achieving the perfect eye makeup look.

  • Start with eyelid primer – priming your eyes is just as important as priming your face before applying any makeup and product on. Applying primer all over your lids will help your eye makeup stay on for longer periods of time and it will also prevent your eye makeup from creasing. Aside from that, it helps your makeup stay in place so you’re sure that you won’t be looking like a raccoon with eye makeup all around your eyes at the ends of the day.

natural eye makeup mod liner style

  • Go easy on the shimmer and shine – we all love a little sparkle here and there and wear glittery, shimmery, shiny eye shadow is always a nice idea, especially for nighttime eye makeup. Remember to go easy on the shimmer and shine, though. You wouldn’t want your eyes to look like a disco ball. Too much shimmer and glitter on the eyes also tends to look tacky and outdated so if you must use shimmery and shiny eye shadow or other eye products, just try not to go overboard with them.

green eye makeup

beautiful eye makeup

  • Use a light hand for eyeliner – another eye makeup product that should be used in moderation is eyeliner. Unless you’re doing a mod / retro inspired look, your eyeliner shouldn’t be too thick and too heavy. If you have a heavy hand, try to avoid using liquid or gel liner and just stick to pencil liner instead. Keep in mind that your goal is to frame your eyes, not hide them.

fierce eye makeup white liner waterline

  • Limit mascara to 3 coats at the most – mascara is one of the products that I am so thankful for because I have very short and sparse lashes. Mascara makes lashes look fuller and longer but wearing too much can result to ugly, clumpy and spiky lashes. To avoid this, try to keep your mascara limit to three coats at the most. If you’re going for a natural look, one coat should be enough. If, with 3 coats, you still don’t get the volume and length that you want, try going with false lashes instead.

bright eye makeup simple eye makeup

  • Consider your eye color and shape – one of the things that you should consider when trying to build your signature eye makeup look is your eye color and shape. Each eye color will look exceptionally stunning when you use the right eye shadow colors. Your eye shape, on the other hand, will dictate which eyeliner style to rock and stick to and which application technique should be used when doing your make up.

bold brows dark eyes perfect eye makeup