Tips for Applying Bronzer

If you ever wonder how stars look so flawlessly structured when they have their makeup on, the secret is contouring. Contouring and highlighting are two essential steps in applying makeup that you should never skip out on if you want to achieve a nicely structured look. It requires the use of a highlighter and a bronzer. Now, a bronzer doesn’t just help create that sexy sculpted effect on your face. It also helps get some color on your skin so you can have that healthy glow. If you’re new to using bronzer, always remember that using it is like using a double-edged sword. Master it and use it correctly and you get the best look you can ever get or use it without knowing the basics and end up looking like Snooki from Jersey Shore. Here are some tips for applying bronzer that will help you avoid the latter.

  • Pick the right shade – one of the most common mistakes I see women commit when it comes to buying bronzers is not bothering to check out whether the shade they have suits them or not. Many women think bronzers don’t have to match your skin tone like foundation does but it actually has to. Sure, you won’t see them labeled as “beige” or “sand” or “honey” and neither will they come with labels like NC30, NW35 but you’ll have to exert the extra effort to look for one that’s neither too light to not show on your skin or too strong that it ends up looking like a bruise.

bronzer for contouring perfect bronzer shade

  • Switch up your foundation – another thing that you should remember when wearing bronzer is to switch up your foundation. Go for foundation that’s one shade warmer (and a little darker) than your natural skin so that the bronzer blends right in instead of creating a harsh and obvious line.

bronzer all over

perfect bronzer look

  • Invest in a bronzer brush – loving that glow you’ve been getting from wearing bronzer lately? Once you start wearing bronzer, there’s no going back (and quite honestly, I don’t know why you would even want to) so you better start investing in a bronzer brush. A regular blush brush works fine but a bronzer brush will help give you better results. It has more bristles than a blush brush so it packs on more color and distributes the product better.

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  • Follow the rule of 3 – following the rule of three is an easy way to apply bronzer. It’s basically just applying the product on your face on areas including the top of the forehead, the cheeks and across the jaw line while sweeping it with your brush in a motion that recreates the number 3. Do this on both sides of your face and you’re set in no time at all!

bronzer placement tip light bronzer makeup

  • Don’t miss spots – whenever you’re wearing something other than your natural skin, it’s very important to blend and make sure there are no missed spots so the finish looks as natural as possible. With bronzer, make sure that you don’t miss sweeping some on to your hair line, your throat / neck and, if you’re putting your hair up, the back of your neck as well.

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