Tips for Applying Makeup for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are very warm and sensual. They’re not too uncommon as a lot of people have them but they do have that inexplicably stunning effect on anyone who possesses them.  Women with brown eyes are very lucky because, compared to other eye colors, brown eyes are super easy to apply makeup on. Brown eyes look good with most colors but some make them pop more than others. If you’re looking for things that you can do to really make your gorgeous brown eyes shine with makeup, read our simple yet effective tips on applying makeup for brown eyes below.

  • For a sexy but subtle look, go metallic – have you ever had those days when you wanted sexy and shimmery makeup but didn’t want anything that made you look trashy or anything too loud like chunky glitter and whatnot on your eyes? It can be kind of hard trying to find a sexy makeup look that’s just about right but if you have brown eyes, using eye shadows with a metallic effect should do that well for you. Physician’s Formula Shimmer strips have a great metallic sheen.

metallic look metallic

  • For a ‘barely there’ look, go for neutral colors – have you ever heard of the ‘no makeup’ makeup look? It’s a very pretty look that you can wear if you want something very natural. To get this look with brown eyes, go for neutral colors like brown, beige, taupe and light pink hues. Use as little as you can and go easy on the colors to keep the natural look. Try Urban Decay’s Naked palette series for a wide array of neutral colors that you can use to achieve this look.

natural makeup

Nimue Smit beauty

  • To make your eyes pop and look brighter, use white liner – this trick actually works well with other eye colors, too, but we find that using white eye liner on the inner corner of the eyes not only make brown eyes look brighter but it also makes the brown color look a lot richer and warmer. It’s an easy trick to really bring out the color of your eyes. Try NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk if you need a good white liner that you can use both to line your inner eye corners and as a highlighter.

white eyeliner white

  • Apply concealer for under eye circles – dark under eyes circles tend to look even darker if you have brown eyes and this can look very unattractive on anyone. To prevent this, make sure to use a concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly under your eyes. Concealing dark under eye circles will bring back the attention to your lovely brown peepers.

makeup for brown eyes makeup

  • Choose the right eye shadow colors – it’s easy to work with color if you have brown eyes but it’s always good to know which ones make your eyes look a lot more attractive. Aside from metallic and natural colors, other colors that will make brown eyes pop include blue hues, shades of purple and violet, champagne, vanilla, green and light pinks. Choose and use your colors wisely so that they don’t overshadow the beautiful brown color of your eyes. For starters, we recommend getting a palette with lots of different colors so you can experiment and work your way to the ones that suit you best. Coastal Scents have amazing palettes with as much as 180 colors to choose from at a very reasonable price.

color for brown eyes color