Tips for Getting Sexy Beach Hair

While the fact that it’s officially summer gets everyone all giddy and excited, there’s also this truth that we can’t spend each and every day of our lives for the next few weeks or months out on the beach. I know, it sucks, but that’s the truth. Unless you live close by the beach, you really can’t go for a dip all day, every day, get your tan on whenever you like or just lounge around under the sun in your bikini but the good news is you can get sexy beach hair every day even without going anywhere near the beach. Beach hair is super hot for summer and it’s a great way to bring the memories of those ‘fun under the sun’ moments with you wherever and whenever. So, are you ready to look like a hot surfer babe? Check out these tips for getting sexy beach hair anytime.

  • Dampen your hair – the key to achieving beach hair is to start with damp locks. You can get this done by getting in the shower,  taking a full bath or, if you’re doing this with second day hair, spritzing your mane with water in a (spritzer) bottle. If you don’t have that much time, i recommend going with the latter, too.

boho bridal beach hair dark and wet beach hair

  • Option 1: use commercial products – there are so many hair products out there that can help you get sexy surfer locks in an instant. There’s the Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble and there’s also the Sea Spray from LUSH and, trust me, there are thousands more out there from different names and brands and you’re sure to find one, whatever your hair type is. The thing with these sprays is, though, they are a little expensive so it’s not really for ladies who are on a bit of a budget.

blonde beach waves

texturized beach hair

  • Option 2: DIY – so, here’s the thing, those products they market as ‘beach in a bottle’, they’re made of mainly two things: salt and water. This combination gives your hair that same texture you get after going for a dip in the salty beach water so if you’re on a budget or if you simply want to skip all the other unnecessary chemicals found in those commercial hair products, why not make your own?  Click here, here or here to get awesome DIY salt spray recipes that you can make at home.

ultimate beach hair messy tousled hair

  • Application tips – while it can be very tempting to just liberally spray your product all over your tresses, I find that the most effective and efficient way to apply salt spray on hair is to spray from the tips going to the roots. You’ll want to get each and every strand spritzed on so make sure to shake up your hair every now and then in between sprays.  You’ll also want to scrunch up your hair in sections to add texture and get more waves.

short blonde beach hair cali girl beach hair

  • Dry and style – the best way to dry your hair is to let it air dry but if you’re in a hurry, you can also use your hair dryer on its lowest / coolest setting. If you want this look to last all day, I would recommend helping your hair by randomly curling small sections with a small barrel curling iron just long enough to get waves. Set with hairspray and you’re done!

dressed up beach hair