Tips for Transitioning Skin Care from Summer to Fall

Change in season means change in a lot of things. I know one of most women’s major concerns when it comes to change in seasons is their change in wardrobe but did you know that just as your clothes change with the season, so should your skin care routine? During summer you deal with heat, sweat, oiliness and all that stuff while in fall and winter you deal with things like dry skin and stuff like that hence the need for different products and routines. If you still haven’t figured out how to take your beauty routine from one season to the next, here are some tips on transitioning skin care from summer to fall.

  • Never skip UV protection – a common misconception a lot of women make when is skipping on sunscreen right after summer. The sun may not beam as brightly or glare down on you as harshly in fall but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer up there, emitting harmful UV rays for your skin. Sunscreen is something that you should wear all year round, regardless of whether you see and feel the sun or not.

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  • Switch to gentler cleansers – summer skin tends to be the ‘dirtiest’ just because you’re always outside, sweating and soaking up the summer sun (along with the dust and other pollutants, of course) and that is why you tend to reach for the stronger cleanser. For fall, though, you’ll want gentler cleansers that won’t dry out your skin. If your holy grail cleanser is just normally on the strong side, you might want to drop a wash or two throughout the day so as not to dry out and irritate your skin.

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  • Moisturize more – one thing you should be doing in fall (and winter) is moisturizing. Fall marks the beginning of the drying season for your skin so make sure it gets plenty of love by moisturizing it every day. Moisturizing is best done after showering, shaving, exfoliating and before going to sleep but you should definitely moisturize in between, throughout the day, too if you feel like it’s necessary. It would also help if you would use those thick, rich cream moisturizers during these times as those are extra moisturizing.

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  • Replace anything in your routine containing alcohol – the cold fall weather is already drying enough as it is so there’s really no more room for anything drying in your beauty and skincare routine. Go through your stash and see which ones contain ingredients that dry out the skin. The first thing to look for is alcohol.

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  • Use as much oil-based products as possible – if you’re tossing your alcohol-based products, you may be wondering what to replace them with. It’s easy, really. The key to having good skin this fall is to wear something you would usually not wear because it makes you look oily. Stop using products that control oil products because oil is what will keep your skin naturally moisturized during the cold and drying fall season.

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