Tips on How to Look Pretty Without Make up

Women always want to look good in front of other people and looking good is usually coined with wearing make-up. However, some would say that the natural beauty is more attractive than wearing something that would make your face very artificial. In this line, looking pretty without make up is one of the ways to make you radiant and glowing in front of other people. If you are trying to find ways to look pretty without make up, the following are the simple tips to look like celebs without make up on:

Drink a lot of water

Your skin is usually your weapon to look good even without make up. By drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, you keep your skin well hydrated. A well-hydrated skin usually promotes glowing skin from inside and makes the skin suppler. Drinking adequate amount of water every day also removes dark circles around the eyes. Lastly, water promotes elimination of toxins in the body to keep you radiant from within. So drinking water alone makes you more youthful without make up.

Drink water

Proper skin care

Another simple tip on how to look pretty without make up is caring for your skin properly. Make sure to wash your skin with antibacterial facial wash to prevent blackheads and pimples from developing. Washing your face at most twice daily also keeps the essential oils for a supple integument.

Washing the face


Exfoliation is also a good way to looking pretty without make up. Exfoliating the skin allows you to remove dead skin cells to reveal a fresher and smoother skin. With exfoliation at most four times a week, you won’t need your foundation to even out your skin.

Skin Exfoliation

Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing the skin is also one of the best tips to look pretty without makeup. Make sure to moisturize your skin after washing and after exfoliation to keep the skin hydrated. Use a non-oily moisturizer if you have oily skin and oil-based moisturizers if your skin is dry. Apply face creams before going out and before sleeping for maximum results.

Skin moisturizer

Keep your eyebrows neat

If you keep your eyebrows tidy, chances are, you won’t need to apply brow liners. Have perfectly-shaped brows to frame your beautiful eyes and make you look blooming always.

plucking eyebrows

Pick a pretty hairstyle

The hair is every woman’s crowning glory. If you have nice hair, you also keep your face pretty as well. Aside from your face, your hair is the next thing that people will notice. So make sure to pick pretty hairstyles such as long and straight, bobs and others.

Pretty Hairstyle

Proper hair care

Aside from having a nice haircut, you must also keep your hair shining and lustrous. Make sure to shampoo the hair every other day to prevent drying and condition the hair every day to keep it smooth and manageable.

Hair Shampooing

Curl your lashes

Even without your mascara and eyeliner on, curling your eyelashes will make your eyes appear bigger and more gorgeous.

Eyelash curling


Well, another way to look pretty even without make up is to smile. Smiling brightens your aura to make you look good always.


Do things that make you happy

Happiness from within is the best thing that can make you look beautiful even without make up. When you are happy from the inside, you also look vibrant and stress free from the outside.

Happy Things

While most women love to apply make-up, nothing will make you look beautiful than being naturally beautiful.