Top 5 Best Lush Products to Check Out

If you’re lucky enough to be living anywhere near a Lush store, you know how addicting their products can be. From lotions bars, bath bombs to shampoos, conditioners and so much more, they just have everything you need to pamper yourself from head to toe! Aside from these products being able to work wonders for your skin, hair and body, they smell really great, too! Stepping in the shower or soaking in the tub with a Lush product is definitely a treat any girl would enjoy. Here are the top 10 best Lush products that you should try out.

  • Honey I Washed the Kids (soap) – if you’re looking for a sweet treat to give yourself after a long and tiring day or something to perk you up in the morning before you get busy, lather up in the Honey I Washed the Kids soap by Lush. This soap smells like caramel and honey and lathers up pretty well leaving your skin looking and feeling deliciously clean.

honey soap honey soa shower

  • Sexbomb bath bomb – tagged as one of the best sellers in Lush’s website, the Sexbomb bath bomb is something that a lot of women are going gaga about. This bath bomb comes in a ball-like shape with a rose sort of engraved / embedded in the middle. Drop it in the tub and watch the color turn into a pretty pink color while it releases a strong and relaxing jasmine scent and you’re ready for the most relaxing soak of your life.

bath bomb

bath bomb bath

  • Big shampoo – looking for a Lush treat for fine hair? Check out Lush’s Big shampoo. This is a specially formulated salty shampoo to give fine and limp hair the volume that it needs to look sexy and luxurious. It has sea salt, sea weed, avocado butter and extra virgin coconut oil which does not only volumize hair but moisturizes it at the same time.

big big shampoo

  • Retread conditioner – for the perfect deep conditioning treatment from Lush, get your hands on the Retread conditioner from Lush. It’s their creamiest conditioner and all you need to do is to scoop a little bit of the product (and a little bit actually goes a long way for this one), rub it between your palms and apply on to your hair, concentrating on the ends, rinse it out for softer and silkier hair.

retread conditioner retread

  • Shimmy Shimmy solid body lotion – just the idea of having a solid lotion should excite you enough to check this product out. If you don’t like the way regular lotion feels greasy or ‘wet’ on your skin, the Shimmy Shimmy is the ultimate solution to your lotion dilemma. It comes in solid heart shape form so all you have to do is rub it on to your skin to get soft and supple skin that smells like lavender and vanilla with a subtle hint of clary sage. it also has very fine glitter bits that transfer to your skin, making it glow.

shimmy shimyy shimmy

If you ever get a chance to pass by a LUSH store next time you go to the mall, make sure you get some of these amazing goodies to treat yourself to after stressful days.